Enterprise Collaboration Made Easy With Salesforce

If your employees are not under the same roof – or city – how do you keep them engaged and connected?

Leverage the power of social networking with Chatter, the “Enterprise Social Network” in Salesforce. Your employees have come to expect instant connection, and Chatter makes social networking work for your business. FMT can quickly set up Chatter and offer training to empower your employees to do more with the solution you already own.

Salesforce Chatter Starter Pack

Teamwork and productivity don’t have to be a challenge in a remote world. Your company already lives in Salesforce. FMT can make it easy for you to collaborate in Salesforce too. Our Chatter Starter Pack includes business analysis, security review, updates, and enterprise-wide training to set your team up for success.


  • Share Knowledge
    Share files, ask questions, collaborate, and engage with coworkers regardless of role or location.
  • Drive Productivity
    Provide a forum for anyone to share insights, propose new ideas, and ask for help with sales opportunities or service cases.
  • Get Going
    FMT’s experienced team provides swift analysis, configuration, and deployment of Chatter as well as remote training options.
  • Stay Secure
    Benefit from best practices related to collaboration requirements, user access, and licensing.


  • $2,499 for basic engagement
  • Start to finish in less than one week

FMT Value Delivery

A differentiated method for providing consulting services, software, hardware, training and support… whether project based or in service of ongoing performance. FMT Works consistently addresses data, processes, tools and their organized delivery.

With FMT Works, each client participates in a consistent, documented, and proven process to bring technology effectively to bear for your business. From evaluating your infrastructure readiness to managed testing processes, formal project management, training and change management, FMT Works with you and your team to identify and deliver value from your technology investment.

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