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Boost Security with Office 365 Security Assessment

What is an Office 365 Security Assessment?

FMT Consultants provides a thorough security assessment of your Office 365 environment by evaluating your business’ security controls and identifying gaps that may be prone to cyber threats. At the end of our Office 365 Security Assessment, you’ll have the tools you need to understand your current security posture and how you can mitigate risk.


    Receive a security score to help you understand potential security challenges and risks.
    Make sense of data with an actionable roadmap for quick implementation.
    Focus on the most critical priorities first to maintain best security practices.

Who we work with

FMT Consultants specializes in working with mid-market businesses who need dedicated attention to securing their business systems. Individual IT departments can choose to close the security gap themselves, or engage FMT Consultants for larger complexities.

Trusted Microsoft partner

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in Office 365. By employing us to lead your assessment, we take data collected from the assessment and provide an actionable security roadmap.

Offer Details:

  • Starting at $3,000
  • 3-5 day engagement from start to finish
  • Ideal for companies with 250+ employees


Effectively analyze your O365 controls.
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"We've hired and worked with lots of vendors and partners over the years and have never been happier than working with FMT Consultants."

Nick Richtsmeier
COO - Trilogy Capital Group