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Many business’ struggle to act quickly enough to capitalize on business opportunities. For a variety of reasons, they simply can’t make decisions quickly enough. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Businesses today can perform better and act and respond faster. That’s what nVerge Essentials is all about, helping business’ like yours use their ERP to powerfully accelerate decision making.

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Improve your operations, reduce costs & accelerate decision making


Automated and Business Intelligence

Getting accurate information & insights faster


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Accelerate decision making with Business Intelligence


System Integration

Transform your organization into a quick & powerful machine for growth

Paul Clayton

Secrets of ERP Selection

Selecting the right ERP can improve your operations, reduce costs, and accelerate decision making. And it’s a huge undertaking. Too often business’ miss out on the full potential of their ERP because of a few common mistakes. You don’t have to be like other business’, you can do better. In this session, FMT’s VP of Consulting Services, Paul Clayton shows you how to avoid these mistakes by showing you the secrets to a successful ERP selection.

2:25PM – 3:10PM | SALON A

Keynote Speaker #1

Paul Clayton

Speakers Name

Vice President, Consulting Services
FMT Consultants

Keynote Speaker #2

Martin Jahn

NetSuite Practice Director
FMT Consultants

Martin Jahn

Integration-Driven Performance

Connecting your organization’s ERP for accurate information and faster insights to the point of decision is fundamental to growth. But fractured and dis-connected systems are crippling many business’. Left unable to move with speed and accuracy they’re trying to move forward with lackluster performance. But there’s a way out. In this session, FMT’s own NetSuite Practice Director, Martin Jahn gives you strategies to get accurate information and insights faster.

3:10PM – 3:55PM | SALON A

Jeff Fenn

Acceleration through Business Intelligence

Business intelligence can turn your ERP’s data in to powerful insights you can act on. But most companies aren’t taking advantage of it. Instead, they’re spending their time running spreadsheets and manually combining information. This can be a slow, resource heavy process. And there’s an better way. In this session, FMT’s Development & Analytics Practice Manager Jeff Fenn shows you 5 powerful ways you can use business intelligence to get accurate insights faster.

4:00PM – 4:45PM | SALON A

Keynote Speaker #3

Jeff Fenn

Speakers Name

Development & Analytics Practice Manager
FMT Consultants

Half-Day Technology Conference

The Experience Lab

Visit the Experience Lab for a hands-on look at the latest from Microsoft Office 365. Technology experts will be available at the Experience Lab from 2pm – 5pm to provide guidance and knowledge. Stop by for a test drive!

Expert Roundtables

As your move along your ERP journey, you may have questions that are specific to your business. At nVerge, FMT Consultants that specialize in MS & NS ERP implementation and optimization will be available for 1:1 discussion. Come get your questions answered!

2:00PM – 5:00PM | SALON B

nVerge Essentials Sponsors

NETSTOCK is an intuitive, cloud-based demand planning app that’s built to optimize your inventory. Netstock connects directly to your ERP to create perfect purchase orders and can help you reduce costly excess stock, minimize painful stock-outs, and boost the productivity of your warehouse team. This user-friendly app gives small and medium sized businesses visibility into their inventory like they’ve never had before. With an affordable SaaS model and quick implementation, NETSTOCK delivers rapid results.

FloQast is close management software created by accountants for accountants to  help accounting teams close faster and more accurately. It provides a single place to manage the close and give everyone visibility.  FloQast works with your existing checklists and Excel to work the way your team does to better manage the close.  Bringing collaboration, reporting and process management together in a single, intuitive solution, FloQast centralizes the  management of the close and gives greater confidence that it’s accurate and complete. On average FloQast customers close three days faster.

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FMT makes technology selection easier by maintaining a superior roster of industry-leading technology partners.



Microsoft Partner LogoAt FMT we’re one of the few Microsoft Certified Gold providers and we’ve been in this business for over 20 years.

Oracle Netsuite Solution PartnerWe were honored as the second NetSuite partner recognized nationally for excellence. FMT Consultants was named VAR of the Month in NetSuite’s Accounting Today highlight.


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Green Acre Campus Pointe

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5:00pm – 7:00pm

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