In order to keep with today’s social and mobile world, businesses need to move at a faster pace, connect to customers on their terms and share knowledge more broadly than ever before. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps achieve all of these with built-in social tools that enable your sales, service and marketing teams to deliver amazing customer experience.

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In this eBook, “Wow Service”, you will learn the ins and outs of customer service and how delivering amazing customer experiences on social can enhance your company’s ability to outperform your competitors. Not only does social provide a new opportunity to engage in conversations that used to happen only privately, it also influences customers’ buying decisions and, in turn, your company’s bottom line. Download the eBook to become a social expert and get valuable insights on how to brand your company, drive new sales and keep existing customers happy.

Find out how social listening can help you track and respond to customer service issues, get product feedback and measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. The eBook provides information on social listening key metrics for your customer service programs as well as helpful insights from experts.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps organizations succeed in the social arena, both internally and externally. From collaborating efficiently within organizations, to listening to the market, to engaging with customers and prospects on their own terms, Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers everyone in your organization to deliver amazing customer experiences on social.

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