New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Project Employee Expense Reports

Tired of managing expenses on multiple platforms, logging in and out of Business Portal and PDK (Personal Data Keeper), followed by approving and recording the transactions into Dynamics GP? Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) 2015 now provides new features to help you centralize time entry and expense reporting - all within the Dynamics GP application.

Historically, employees would manage their time entries and detail through business portal. Once completed, the user would submit their time for approval. A manager or reviewer needed to log in to PDK, which allowed them to review, alter and update the employee’s time entry. At this point, the import utility needed to be run in order to port the time to GP. As you can probably imagine, this is a cumbersome task. And having to manage multiple time sheets, applications, and logins to various applications can easily get confusing.

With Dynamics GP 2015 employees can now create time and expense reports for any project they are assigned to directly inside of GP, or through the published Time & Expense application. Additionally, proxies can be assigned to manage or enter time and expenses for specific users. These new and exciting features all interface with Dynamics GP 2015’s Workflow 2.0!

Learn more about the new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 here.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Project Employee Expense Reports


Written by:
Blake Eaches, Los Angeles GP Practice Manager
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