New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2: SmartList Designer

Earlier this year, we heard that Microsoft was returning sales and support of SmartList Builder to its original developer, eOne. While we were still waiting to find out what that meant for our customers, GP 2013 Service Pack 2 was released, quietly unveiling SmartList Designer:

SmartList Designer for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

Similar to SmartList Builder, you do need to have a feel for how to join tables together. Also like SmartList Builder, you have the ability to point the Designer at any SQL view or table, including ones you create yourself, which means you can display just about any query you can imagine.

It’s very new and there are a few small bugs that I expect will be ironed out in the next release, but it’s ready to use today. The manual can be found in the newest release of the Dynamics GP User Guide.

For a quick tutorial, check out this video from Microsoft:


Give us a ring or send us a message should you need assistance with SmartList Designer.

Written by:
Lyn Warren, Senior GP Specialist

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