New HR and Payroll Employee Self-Service Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

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Below you’ll find more details on the new HR, payroll and employee self-service features and product enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015:

Project Employee Expense Report and Workflow

Project Accounting employees can create expense reports for any projects to which they are assigned. Employees can also be set up to allow delegates to enter expense reports on their behalf.

Workflow approvals and task assignments are defined for expense reports; workflow actions are executed on the documents from the Expense Entry window or from the Navigation lists.

Dynamics GP 2015 Project Employee Expense Report

Employee Profile and Employee Skills and Training

The new Employee Profile window in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 allows employees to view and/or update their personal information including Address/Phone Numbers, Emergency Contacts, Dependents, and Position History. This is an extension of the Employee Self Service functionality.

Employees maintain their Education and Tests in the Employee Skills and Training window and view their Skills and Training History.

Workflow functionality is integrated so employees can submit changes and managers can approve changes from a Navigation List or from an email notification.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Employee Profile Skills and Training

Team Manager, Skills and Training

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 as part of the Employee Self Service functionality managers can see and/or edit their team members data including Address/Phone Number, Dependents, Emergency Contacts and Position History in the new Employee Profile window.

The Employee Skills & Training window allows managers to view and edit the Education and Tests for their team members. Managers can also view the Skills and Training for each employee.

Manager submitted tasks will still flow through workflow for approval or notification.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Team Manager

Employee Benefits

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 more Employee Self Service functionality has been added. The new Benefits View window allows employees to view their benefits.

Benefits View shows employee contributions and employer contributions.

An option for All or Active allows employees to view what they are assigned as well as all benefits available.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Employee Benefits

Employee Paystubs

In Microsoft Dynamics GP2015 employees can now view or print their own paystubs.

With Employee Self Service Paystubs, the user can see their pay stubs and then can view the detail or print them to a printer.

Navigation on the Employee Time Management home page part opens the Paystubs navigation list. The employee can select one or more paystub and print them all at the same time.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Employee Paystubs

Employee W-4 and Workflow

A new Employee Self Service feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 lets a user view and update their own W4 information.

With Employee W4, the user can see their current W4 settings, view historical W4’s, make changes, and submit the changes to workflow. From the Employee Time Management home page part the user can choose update my W4.

In the Employee Withholding Certificate window the employee can manage their information and once submitted to workflow, the change will be routed automatically prior to updating the employee’s record.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Employee W-4

Employee Direct Deposit and Workflow

Another option for Employee Self Service in Microsoft Dynamics GP2015 is Employee Direct Deposit.

The Employee Direct Deposit window allows an employee to view and edit their direct deposit information. They can start or stop direct deposit, add or remove accounts and edit the direct deposit distribution.

With workflow for Employee Direct Deposit, the direct deposit changes can be routed to the appropriate people for verification before updating the employee’s data.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Employee Direct Deposit and Workflow

HRP Workflow Pending Approval Navigation List

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 approvers have one place to view and approve employee self service changes. This is a one-stop-shop for managers to see all of their assigned tasks including Payroll Timecards, Employee Profile, Employee Skills, Payroll W4, and Payroll Direct Deposit.

The HRP Workflow Pending Approval Navigation List allows you to approve/complete multiple tasks by checking the box and selecting the action to complete. The preview pane displays task details and there is a Go To option to view the assigned task.

Dynamics GP 2015 - HRP Workflow Pending Approval Navigation List

Employee Self-Service - Purchase Requisitions

In Dynamics GP 2015 Purchase Requisitions lets a user enter a requisition. The requisition ties in with Purchase Order Processing functionality.

As part of the Employee Self Service functionality, navigation is streamlined for the requester to see a requisition status or enter a requisition.

Users are able to quickly see important information right from their Home Page using the Saved, Ready for Purchase, Pending User Action, Rejected Workflow, and Approval tiles. The Employee Self Service Home Page part also enables users to quickly navigate to desired tasks as well as see last transaction information.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Employee Self Service - Purchase Requisitions

Canadian Payroll for Web Client

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 you can now deploy Canadian Payroll functionality for your web client installs.

This allows the full functionality of Canadian Payroll for those customers who wish to use a web browser type of install for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Canadian Payroll for Web Client

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