New Features in Microsoft Social Engagement

Microsoft Social Engagement 2015 Update 1 adds new capabilities that will give you greater insight into what people are saying on social media and news.

This blog will help you understand what has changed from the previous release (Microsoft Social Listening) and what to expect in this new release of Microsoft Social Engagement.

Download as PDF document here.

Microsoft Social Engagement New Features



What's New in Microsoft Social Engagement?

Here are some of the areas we have enhanced in our latest release:

User Interface
New modern user interface that is intuitive and easy to use with visual filtering. You can choose a light and dark theme to suit your visual preference.

Social Analytics
Reimagined analytics with new visualizations, including phrase clouds, top fans, top critics, and top hashtags for greater insight.

Social Center
Collaborate with sales, marketing, and service teams and engage with social communities.

Social Profiles
Add your authenticated Facebook and Twitter accounts and acquire private messages in Facebook/direct messages in Twitter and reply to them within Social Engagement.

Microsoft Social Engagement New Features


Redesigned Layout: New Analytics

When you sign in, you will immediately see our new dashboards, making it easier for you to analyze your data. Social Engagement provides a highly interactive experience with visual filtering on all widgets. For example, clicking negative sentiment adds it to the filter and all the widgets are immediately updated to show analytics only for posts with negative sentiment.

Microsoft Social Engagement New Analytics


Redesigned Layout: Section Navigation

You can use the section navigation to jump to areas of the application. New in this release: Social Center, Message Center, and Social Profiles.

Microsoft Social Engagement Section Navigation



Reimagined Analytics: Overview

Microsoft Social Engagement Analytics Overview



Reimagined Analytics: Conversations

Microsoft Social Engagement Conversations



Reimagined Analytics: Sentiment

Microsoft Social Engagement Sentiment


Reimagined Analytics: Location

Microsoft Social Engagement Location


Reimagined Analytics: Sources

Microsoft Social Engagement Sources



New: Posts

Microsoft Social Engagement Posts


New: Social Center

Social Center is a place where your social media or community manager can engage with fans and critics alike. But in some organizations, members of a customer service organization might listen for customer issues and assign posts to his/her team.

It consists of user-configurable and shareable streams that display posts based on specific sources and filters we define. Streams are shareable with selected users or all users.

Microsoft Social Engagement Social Center



New: Social Profiles

You can add your authenticated Facebook and Twitter accounts to respond to posts within Microsoft Social Engagement. This also allows you to acquire private messages from your authenticated accounts.

Microsoft Social Engagement Social Profiles


Redesigned: Search Topic Set-Up

Microsoft Social Engagement Search Topic


New: Message Center

The new Message Center lets you manage all your alerts in one place.

Microsoft Social Engagement Message Center




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