New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

Microsoft’s Dynamics GP has been a staple of business management solutions for a while, and it just keeps getting better.

With the newest version, Dynamics GP 2016, Microsoft has taken a big step towards creating the ultimate user-friendly, efficient ERP system.

In this post, we’ll cover the newest features included in GP 2016 so you can be sure you don’t miss a thing.

The Switch to HTML5

The biggest and most exciting change that comes with Dynamics 2016 is the new web client. Previously, the GP web client was powered by Silverlight, but with this new update Microsoft has made the switch to HTML5.

So what does this mean for you?

By switching to HTML5, the GP web client is more agile and has improved accessibility.

HTML5 also allows GP to finally become browser and device agnostic. This means with the new client you can log in from anywhere using any device with internet connection.

Power BI on the Home Page

Power BI integration with Dynamics GP has never been better.

With GP 2016 you can now view Power BI reports from your home page. This feature allows greater visibility into corporate performance so you can react quickly and make informed decisions.

Workflow Improvements

Dynamics GP 2016 has made some important updates to how it handles workflows including:

  • Condition Management
  • Workflow Reassignment Notifications
  • New Workflow Type – Payables Transaction Approvals
  • Document Attachment Approval

However, the most exciting improvement that was made to workflows is the inclusion of Word templates for batch approval workflow. With this new feature there is now a default Word template for edit lists that can be emailed to approvers so they can get all the information they need before giving the okay.

Ease of Use

Dynamics GP 2016 has also introduced many ease of use improvements that will help make sure you’re running at optimal efficiency such as:

  • Multipage scanning
  • Automatic Deposit of Cash Receipts
  • All-In-One Document Viewers for Inventory and Sales
  • Simplification of Payroll Posting Setup and Analytical

See Dynamics GP 2016 First Hand at nVerge

If you’re interested in Dynamics GP 2016 and all it has to offer, be sure to come and see it in action during our online conference, nVerge In the Cloud.

During our online session, Modernize Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, we’ll be showcasing all of the great features of the latest release of Dynamics GP, and how you can get the most out of them.

If you have any questions about nVerge or Dynamics GP, you can contact us using the form below and we’ll help you in any way we can!

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