New Distribution Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

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Below you’ll find more details on the new distribution features and product enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015:

Edit E-mail for Historical Documents

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 when you want to send an e-mail for a historical document you can add additional e-mail addresses and choose which e-mail addresses you wish to send to.
On Navigation Lists, you can mark a group of historical documents and e-mail them to a different e-mail address. So, if a customer wants a copy of a number of invoices, you can mark them, and e-mail them to the specific address.

Edit E-mail Detail is available for Receivables statements, Sales Order transactions, Purchase Orders and Payables remittances.

Dynamics GP 2015 -Edit E-mail for Historical Documents

Payables warning when Open PO

A new warning message has been added to the Payables Transaction Entry form to prompt the end-user if they attempt to post or save an invoice for a vendor that already has an available Purchase Order in the application.

This new functionality will be disabled by default on upgrades but can be enabled by selecting the ‘Warn if Vender has Existing Purchase Order’ checkbox on the Payables Management setup window. For new installs, the functionality will be enabled by default.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Payables warning when Open PO

Invoicing for Web Client

Invoicing Module is now available in the Web Client.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Invoicing for Web Client

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