New Business Intelligence (BI) Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

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Below you’ll find more details on the new system wide features and product enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015:

SmartList Designer Excel Refreshable Reports

This feature will enable users to create refreshable Excel reports using SmartList Designer. Reports created from SQL views may be published to the Excel report library.

By publishing a refreshable report, the user can open the report in Excel and the data will always be up to date.

Dynamics GP 2015 - SmartList Designer Excel Refreshable Reports

Support for Management Reporter Content in Business Analyzer

This features enables users to add Management Reporter content to the Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer app.

Users may add any Management Reporter report to the app start page that they have permission to. Once added, they may take the action to view the report in the Management Reporter HTML viewer.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Support for MR Content in Business Analyzer

Business Analyzer Cross Platform

This features enables tablet users on Windows, iOS or Android to install and use the Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer app.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer is a cross Dynamics Business Intelligence app that enables AX, GP and SL customers the ability to view and take action on key business information right at their fingertips.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer was initially released in January 2013 to the Windows Store.  The application has been a huge success within the Dynamics community with over 20,000 downloads since the initial release!  We are excited about the continued success of the app as we expand its availability to more platforms and devices.

Dynamics GP 2015 - Business Analyzer Cross Platform

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