Noteworthy Highlights of SuiteWorld17

SuiteWorld hosted its annual cloud ERP conference this year from April 24-27 in beautiful Las Vegas at the Sands Expo & Convention Center.  The conference, SuiteWorld17, brought together keynote speakers, global companies, partners, and developers in the largest gathering of NetSuite users to date.

When we look back at SuiteWorld17, there were 5 key noteworthy highlights that Oracle + NetSuite announced regarding their evolution as a company, as well as how their solutions are expanding to address the needs of SMB and Enterprise companies.

This blog will recap the key announcements from SuiteWorld17—and what to expect from Oracle + NetSuite in the near future.

Oracle + NetSuite Acquisition

Plenty of reasons to cheer for this acquisition! The message was clear that Oracle is 100% behind their newly acquired global business unit. The NetSuite team will call their shots and do what they need to stay on the path of success and cloud-based product leadership. NetSuite will leverage Oracle's infrastructure footprint to rapidly expand their own by adding six data centers within the next 12 months. Also, partnering-up with Oracle's developer network, the Oracle + NetSuite development team is now an unrivaled force as it reaches new levels of depth and collaboration to bring enhancements to the market faster.


Core HR, payroll, and self-service functionality are now built into NetSuite adding yet another set of key features to its unified platform. Manage your on/off-boarding process workflow, payroll processing, employee self-service and PTO requests from one system. Functionality is great right out-of-the-box, however, look for this product to really outshine the competition as it matures in its space. 


The SuiteSuccess product was announced by Jim McGeever during his keynote and it's a program for which he spares no passion. Basically, these are instances of NetSuite embedded with not only the platform's rich functionality, but best practice configuration, workflow, reports and key metrics for certain verticals including wholesale distribution, manufacturing, software and others. Teaming up with the right partner, SuiteSuccess will enable customers to leverage a more efficient implementation methodology, reduce time to go live, and spend less on the project.

SuiteCommerce Standard (SCS)

Up until now, traction for the SCA e-commerce platform has been less than anticipated for the SMB market. The price point and implementation costs have been too high. Welcome SuiteCommerce Standard (SCS)! A new e-commerce product announced at SuiteWorld, SCS levels the playing field by bringing big league SCA features like responsive design and SEO optimization to the table with a simplified implementation cycle and more palatable price point. The SMB space has a new option for e-commerce and it's going to be a game changer.

NetSuite Feature Enhancements

Several other NetSuite product enhancements were introduced at SuiteWorld including features that supplement intercompany transaction processing, GL audit trail/traceability, and various SRP functions.

NetSuite continues to be a leader in the cloud ERP space, with no plans to slow down. With SuiteWorld 2017 being the largest user conference to date, and major announcements such as the Oracle + NetSuite acquisition SuitePeople, SuiteSuccess, and SuiteCommerce Standard, we can continue to expect great things coming from NetSuite.

Are you currently using NetSuite and interested in learning more about how you can manage your HR or e-commerce with NetSuite? Or, are you looking to implement a new ERP solution altogether? Our team of NetSuite and business process experts at FMT will work with you to understand your current business challenges, goals, and the right technology that will get you there.

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