NetSuite Service Tiers - Understand and Plan for Transaction Volume and Data Storage Needs

Rapidly growing NetSuite Users are sometimes surprised to learn of NetSuite’s Service Tiers.  These levels are based on transaction volumes and data storage and user counts.   It is helpful to know about and plan for these levels before you may need to upgrade or scale your NetSuite account to meet the needs of your business.

NetSuite has 4 Service Tiers: Standard, Premium, Enterprise, and Ultimate.


There are 3 specific areas that determine whether your enterprise may be required to move from one NetSuite Service Tier to the next.

  1. The first area to look at is the number of full users in your NetSuite account. If your NetSuite user counts exceed the maximum quantity allowed for your Tier, this will drive a Tier Upgrade.  NetSuite will inform you if the number of licenses on an account is getting close to the maximum allowed for the Service Tier.
  2. Another area to be aware of is that the size of your File Cabinet storage being used may exceed the maximum allowed for the current Service Tier.  As your usage of the NetSuite File Cabinet Storage grows, you may find that the 100 GB provided by the Standard Tier is too constraining.  The Premium Tier, which gives you up to 1,000 GB of space, may be required.   Enterprise provides for 2,000 GB of space and Ultimate allows for up to 4,000 GB.  Workarounds do exist if you are still exceeding the amount of storage allowed.  These include the removal or transfer of data through SuiteApps and/or custom scripts.
  3. The final area you may need to consider is the number of Monthly Transaction lines allowed over a 6-month rolling average. Standard Tier has a maximum of 200,000 Monthly Transaction Lines.  For Premium the max is 2,000,000 lines.   Enterprise is 10,000,000 lines and Ultimate provides for up to 50,000,000 lines.

You can monitor monthly transaction volumes by installing and running this SuiteApp: SuiteSuccess Service Tier workbooks.  This workbook is an extensive reporting package providing a dynamic breakdown into service tier metrics usage.  NetSuite Administrators and users with advanced roles can leverage pre-built analytics views that detail both summary-level and detailed usage of service tier metrics. The metrics include users, file storage, and monthly transaction lines.


Below are some of the additional benefits you can expect to see with this upgrade:

  • Reducing delays due to high-volume bottlenecks
  • Maintains user experience consistency
  • Supports higher transaction throughput
  • Room for additional concurrency processing
  • Includes a sandbox
  • Reduce integration delays
  • More capacity for scheduled downtime

If your business volumes are nearing these Tier Upgrade thresholds, please do reach out to FMT Consultants and we will be happy to meet with you and review your account and discuss your options.

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