• Founded in 1976 as a Marketing, Public Relation and Advertising Media Company
  • Leading integrated publishing company for alternative health and wellness industry
  • Reaches more than 160,000 readers with print publications
  • Approximately one million unique visits to its online offerings per month
  • Current booking system could not generate reports
  • Software could not produce multi-line item contracts
  • No automatic billing of customers after issue closed
  • System could not update customer contracts with items paid
  • Customer credit card billing had no safeguards, generating more work if the credit card was refused
  • FMT designed MPA Billing Suitelet, a custom user
  • interface that displays outstanding invoices due after close of an issue
  • Accounting safeguards for billing records to manually approve which invoices to run
  • NetSuite script generates invoices and runs credit cards after accounting approves
  • Multi-line contracts are automatically generated for customers
  • Each line item automatically updates in the contract when paid
  • Unified cloud-based ERP solution integrating functionality within finance, sales and marketing
  • No more migrating and analyzing data in Excel
  • Contracts are generated in NetSuite, with multiple line items
  • Contract status updated automatically after billing
  • All software systems are integrated
  • MPA’s operations are streamlined and more efficient
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FMT and NetSuite take MPA Media from Overtime to Streamlined

MPA Media was established as a marketing, public relations and advertising media company in 1976 and began publishing Dynamic Chiropractic in 1982. The success of this publication within the alternative health and wellness profession created demand for additional products, making MPA the leading publishing company within its niche. MPA extends the reach of its print brands with websites, e-newsletters and electronic products. Recognized as an authoritative source of health and wellness content, MPA Media reaches more than 160,000 readers with its print publications and approximately one million unique visitors online every month.

“FMT is very upfront and honest about how they work.”

-BOBBY CROWNFIELD, Advertising and Production Manager, MPA Media


MPA publishes multiple issues of print and online resources throughout the year. Unlike a manufacturing company selling static inventory, MPA MPA Media sells advertising space for those issues, which has a revenue model fraught with variables. As Bobbie Crownfield, Advertising and Production Manager for MPA Media states, “We have very particular needs and our soƜware limited us on what we needed to do and what we could accomplish. Everything had to be done manually. It was pretty cumbersome.”

MPA was using a booking system called MSG to keep track of its ad space buys. Salespeople could see, in real time, which ad spaces were available in each issue. What the company lacked with MSG was the ability to run sales or revenue forecasting reports, perform automated sales order contract generation, or run line item billing off of those sales order contracts based upon the issue close date. MPA was working overtime to manually pull all of the data it needed from MSG and it needed a better solution.

“It was evident that we were a priority. FMT was easy to work with. They very quickly understood who we were and what we wanted. It was w always, ‘Yes it can happen.’ And it did. They’re like family now.”

-BOBBY CROWNFIELD, Advertising and Production Manager, MPA Media


MPA reached out to several potential NetSuite partners. Early on in the process, it became clear that NetSuite was the optimal software solution for MPA to replace MSG as a booking system and add value with integrated CRM, billing and accounting functionality. The deciding factor on which implementation partner to choose: the level of expertise with NetSuite customization. After MPA conducted several rounds of interviews, one potential partner referred FMT Consultants to MPA, based on FMT’s solid reputation.


The FMT team didn’t waste time. They jumped right into the analysis phase of their methodology; asking probing questions to deeply understand MPA’s unique needs and challenges and videotaping the processes with their phones while MPA associates performed their routine tasks. “FMT proactively communicated and set expectations about responsibilities and deliverables. They were very upfront and honest about how they work, and set clearly defined benchmarks throughout the entire project,” Crownfield says.

Next, in the development phase, FMT designed the two most critical customizations in order to streamline MPA’s processes: reporting and billing. For billing, FMT leveraged NetSuite’s scripted form technology called Suitelets. The custom MPA Billing Suitelet neatly displays all revenue due at the close of each issue.

This enables the accounting team to easily view each item due, and by clicking an item, easily approve the transaction. NetSuite custom script then generates the invoices, processes customer credit cards and updates the sales order contract for each customer, showing the line item as billed and paid.

For reporting, MPA needed to book ad space the same way it did with MSG, but also run it did with MSG, but also run reports for forecasting and sales. The data needed to be read in any context, for example, up-to-date sales order information had to be available on the sales order screen, booking screen and billing screen. FMT created custom structures, called “custom records,” to hold all the information, and to allow MPA more flexibility. It can now run reports relative to issues, publications, and sections. FMT also used the same taxonomy as MSG so MPA didn’t have to learn a new system.


MPA now has rapid access to any information it needs, with the click of a button. No longer do employees have to generate invoices, contracts and reports manually, as all of the information is integrated and automated.

FMT turned NetSuite into a booking platform superior to MSG, as it includes a unified cloud-based ERP solution comprising rich and integrated functionality within the areas of finance, sales and marketing.


  • Client satisfaction focused with over 1,000 successful project implementations since 1995
  • A dedicated team of 50+ in-house IT experts located in Southern California
  • Experience in a wide array of industries including highly regulated sectors such as life sciences, healthcare and public administration
  • In-house customer care desk to provide ongoing support and user training
  • Extensive experience with system integration and custom development
  • Certified provider of Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft ∙ Dynamics CRM

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