Best Practices for Handling Purchase Orders Closed by Mistake in Dynamics GP

Why can’t I match my receipt to the invoice in Purchasing?

When I get asked this question, the first place I tell the user to check is the Edit Purchase Orders window under Purchasing | Transactions | Edit Purchase Orders.  What does the Purchase Order Status field say?  99% of the time it will have a ‘Closed’ status.  You cannot match an invoice to a closed Purchase Order in GP.  You’ll need to check with your team to determine why the PO was closed in the first place.

Can the Purchase Order be Reopened?   

Now, is there a way to fix it or simply reopen the Purchase Order?  There are a few ways to handle this situation, but the simple answer is no.  The Purchase Order cannot be reopened within GP from an end-user standpoint.  

Here are three options to choose from to resolve this issue:

  1. Enter the invoice on the AP side (Purchasing | Transactions | Transaction Entry).
  2. Enter a Purchasing Return (Purchasing | Transactions | Returns Transaction Entry) if the receipt is still available and the inventory has not been sold.
  3. Run this handy script I found from Mariano Gomez.  You’ll enter your Purchase Order number in the ‘Purchase OrderXXXX’ fields and run it against your company database in SQL one Purchase Order at a time.  Once the script completes, you’ll need to run reconcile on the Purchase Order (Purchasing | Utilities | Reconcile Purchasing Documents).  This process will make the Purchase Order available to you on the Enter/Match Invoice screen.  If the reconcile does not get run, you won’t see the Purchase Order, but you can manually type it in on the Enter/Match Invoice screen. Click here for the Purchase Order Reopen script.

Received/Not Invoiced Report vs. Shipments Received but not Invoiced Smartlist

The next issue you may run across is whether or not to use the Received/Not Invoiced Report or the Shipments Received but not invoiced Smartlist under the Receivings Line Items folder.  It’s possible that the two will not tie.  If you’re using the Smartlist it’s likely you’ll still see closed Purchase Orders. This Smartlist is built off of the Purchasing Receipt Line Quantities table (POP10500) and you do not have the capability to filter by Purchase Order status or Purchase Order line item status.  This Smartlist/view will need to be modified from the out-of-the-box version. The Received/Not Invoiced Report under Purchasing | Reports | Analysis, should be used for accuracy. It is built to already exclude closed Purchase Orders.   

Hopefully, by now this post has narrowed down some pain points within the purchasing module.  If you have any additional questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP, please let us know by filling out the contact form below.  

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