Microsoft Boosts Mobility in Dynamics CRM 2016 SP1

Microsoft continues to improve their products to align with the company’s mobile first, cloud first mantra. Believing that working on the go is a key pillar for business productivity, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 update 1 and SP1 dedicated a special effort to enhancing the mobility experience.

The key features in the latest release of CRM 2016 ensure that employees have access to information and vital functions 24/7, from anywhere!

Let’s check out the new mobility features:

Company News Timeline Solution

Company News Timeline Solution, which can be added to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform in a few minutes, enables your sales representatives to stay on top of all the news related to their accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities right from their CRM mobile app.

The Solution automatically captures the latest and most important news articles from Bing news.  The Solution also organizes the content by time (Today, This Week, Last Week) and present the content highlighting headlines, date/time, and source of the news article.

Important events are detected and categorized, including management changes, earnings releases, new offerings, cost cutting, growth, legal issues, acquisitions, and partnerships.  The user can filter news articles by category and can open the original website source with a single click.

For More information on how to install the company news timeline solution, see Microsoft's post here.

Knowledge Base Management

Service representatives can now search, view, create, and edit knowledge articles from their mobile devices or tablets, in addition to managing quotes, orders, and invoices.

Excel Templates Export from the App

Excel Templates Export from the App

The new 2016 feature of Excel templates enables you to quickly analyze data the way you want, either through Microsoft templates or by creating your own templates and is now supported on the mobile app. This allows you to export your data to an Excel template directly from a tablet or mobile device.

Enhanced Mobile Offline Experience

Now users can have a richer offline experience as they can view, update, and add records when they are disconnected from the internet. The user will no longer be required to save changes or additions as drafts first.

Accelerate Your Learning Path

Organizations need an efficient way to train their employees and boost their onboarding process. The new guided user experience is tailored just for you and your role. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online & mobile app will enable people to be more productive. For example, if you’re a salesperson, you’ll see guided help for Sales Management Processes or if you’re a Customer Service Rep, you’ll see the right content for Case Management. The Learning Path offers step-by-step instructions on specific tasks while you work in CRM. It also provides videos, eBooks, and help topics in context just when you need them.

Dynamics CRM 2016 SP1

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