Marketing Trends for B2B Marketers

Today’s B2B marketer has a plethora of marketing tools to leverage, and nowhere is data and technology more prevalent than in B2B marketing. Let’s go through four B2B marketing trends poised to have the greatest impact through the remainder of the year and on.


An Omnichannel Experience

We’ve heard multi-channel marketing thrown around for the past couple of years. Organizations transitioning from the multi-channel framework to an omnichannel strategy is a trend worth mentioning. With an omnichannel marketing approach look to see established marketing teams have success across digital environments extended reach regardless of channel or device. The days of siloed digital engagement and activities are gone, and companies are understanding the importance of creating a unified and consistent brand image no matter which channel they are using to engage their audience. Below we created a quick snapshot of what we’re talking about which includes only a handle of the digital channels out there.


omnichannel marketing image


For a true omnichannel approach look to see this one cohesive message extending beyond marketing into areas of sales, customer support, and customer success.


Personalization as a Client Expectation

If you haven’t already looked, personalization is being pushed to an all-time high of importance due to customer expectations exponentially rising.
We’ve seen personalization as an expectation, and those not personalizing content for customers are falling victim to all the noise. Think about it. How often are you deleting automated emails that don’t address your specific needs? It can be downright frustrating for a customer or prospect when they receive marketing with zero relevance.


customers push companies image

Established marketing teams will continue to use every piece of information that they have on a business; key events, location, customer longevity, industry, etc. Personalization goes hand in hand with yourself apart from the noise. We are seeing every piece of marketing information shared with customers or prospects optimized for personalization.


Data Management and Unification

We talked about an omnichannel and personalized customer experience above, we are also seeing how important it is to manage everything quickly and accurately. For most B2B marketers, understanding the complete picture of customers’ and prospects’ unique and specific needs is difficult and the task is underwhelming. A trend that you’ll most likely continue to see is the number of data sources increasing, making the task of data management and unification increasingly daunting. Understand that you’re not alone, “only 47% of marketers say they have a completely unified view of customer data sources” according to Salesforce Research.

data sources used by marketing organizations image


Real-time Engagement

Along with personalization, real-time engagement expectations continue to rapidly increase. High-performing B2B marketers are striving to eliminate the concept of waiting for their prospects and customers which is a challenge of its own. The reality is, no one likes to wait and shouldn’t have to with machine learning (AI) and some of the marketing automation tools out there. A trend we will continue to see is organizations leveraging measured automating messaging, incorporating triggered outbound marketing coupled with layered marketing tactics, all while personalizing outbound campaigns in real-time.


Parting Thoughts

For the B2B marketer, data remains king in 2019. Marketing in its entirety is moving more towards data analysis and driving the best customer experience. Nowadays we have some of the best tools at our fingertips but even the most robust tools are only as good as the person using them.


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