Managing Microsoft Licensing through FMT’s Cloud Solution Provider - CSP program will cut costs

Navigating the Microsoft Licensing Landscape is difficult to say the least.  Here at FMT, we joke that you need a PhD in Microsoft to fully understand it.  In today’s fast growing business world, if you’re like most growing businesses, you don’t have time to learn everything you need to know.  Thankfully, you don’t need to.  Our team of consultants already have.

In this recorded training session, you’ll you learn how you can right size your licensing to save money,  increase performance, and navigate the complex and changing Microsoft environment.  By the end, you’ll feel confident in your ability to configure, implement, and deploy the licensing that makes sense for your business.

This session, led by FMT’s own Director of IT Consulting Zach Saltzman, walks you through everything you need to know, so you can stay focused on what matters most…  running your business. Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  1. Microsoft licensing scenarios
  2. Constraints to look out for
  3. Benefits of Cloud Service Provider
  4. Approaches to right-size licensing for your organization
  5. Pricing scenarios -- Increasing the value your licensing

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, we help clients navigate Microsoft’s environment every day, and we can help you too.  If you have specific questions, feel free to send us a message or give us a call today.

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