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The clever sales folks at Microsoft state that Microsoft 365 Business Premium is “One solution to run your business securely from anywhere”, but is it true? Let’s check the boxes and find out!

  • Office Applications

M365 Business Premium includes full featured web versions of Microsoft’s best in class productivity suite AND the desktop versions as well. Work how you want, where you want. What competitor offers this?

  • Cloud Storage

1 Terabyte of integrated storage to save all your work? Yes, please and it’s included - no need to pay for another 3rd party solution like Box, Dropbox, etc.

  • Email and Calendaring

Business class services here! These did not grow from consumer products. You have enterprise grade email included and integrated with the rest of the suite that keeps your team running.

  • Instant Messaging and Online Meetings

All included again. Microsoft Teams provides this functionality so your whole team is on the same page and working efficiently to drive business results.

  • Cybersecurity Protection

Defender for Office 365 protects you against viruses, spam, unsafe attachments, suspicious links, and phishing attacks. You won’t get caught off guard with these critical services working for you.

  • Manage Company Devices

Company equipment needs to be protected from data loss/theft. Microsoft has your back here and makes sure you have the tools needed to protect business data wherever it may exist.

  • Secure Remote Access and Identity Protection

You need to ensure that people accessing your data and applications are really who they say they are. Block intruders with highly effective tools provided through Business Premium.

  • Business Data Encryption

Encrypted email, copying restrictions, block unwanted forwarding and ensure everything gets archived? Lots of yes’s there. All parts of the package.

  • Enterprise-Grade Endpoint Security

No need to pay for 3rd party antivirus solutions. Microsoft Defender for Business is included and leverages the software that already came with your computer. Ditch paying third parties!

There you have it, boxes upon boxes checked – Microsoft really is telling the truth! c

Do you need these boxes checked for your company? Paying a slew of vendors more money to accomplish less? Switch to Microsoft 365 Business Premium and save yourself money, energy, and effort.

Download your copy of Microsoft’s Cybersecurity playbook so you can harness all of this power and more.

Don’t have Microsoft 365 Business Premium? FMT can help.

Don’t have the time to implement? FMT is there for you.

Need to know more before deciding? Let’s start a conversation where we can show you how we have helped businesses like yours better protect themselves, improve collaboration and even reduce spend.

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