• Premier collegiate multimedia rights partner in the US
  • Founded in 1972 with offices in Texas and Missouri
  • Over 100 collegiate partners across the US
  • More than 1,200 radio station affiliates broadcasting collegiate sports streamed exclusively from Learfield Sports

Needed a media player to offer affiliates with:

  • Optimal sound quality
  • Buffering mechanism in case of lnternet hiccups
  • Reboot mechanism to go back online in case of time out
  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility with all versions of Microsoft Windows

Closed Circuit Broadband Distribution (CCBD} player:

  • Reboots automatically in case of Internet time out
  • Easy to usc
  • Buffers If a hiccup In transmission occurs
  • Available on a custom dashboard designed by FMT
  • Custom dashboard offers real-time snapshot into Learfield Sports’ broadcast servers
  • Radio station affiliates have access to a player that optimizes broadcast quality and sound
  • Affiliates can troubleshoot streaming issues right from the Learfield Sports website
  • Learfleld Sports adds value to their product and maintains reputation of transparency
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Custom Audio Player Designed by FMT Consultants Delivers Quality Sound and Seamless Broadcasting

Learfield Sports has more than 1,200 affiliate radio stations nationwide that live broadcast its collegiate partners’ sporting events. Each radio station uses a common player to stream the broadcast. In a few cases, Learfield Sports was noticing a hiccup, or interruption in some of the affiliates Internet connections. As common players are unable to buffer or reconnect automatically, if an affiliate’s Internet connection timed out, listeners were missing portions of Learfield Sports’ live streaming broadcast. Learfield Sports also found that the sound quality from the common players wasn’t up to par. For quality sound, it needed a player with the right codec embedded into it for decoding its audio. As no satisfactory players were readily available, the solution was simple. Learfield needed a custom player to offer its affiliates.

“The biggest challenge in my mind was really finding something that would support all of the functions and features that we wanted. FMT took on this project, was very easy to work with, and they delivered.”

– PHIL ATKINSON, VP Information Technology, Learfield Sports


FMT’s Development Team started working to find the right software development kit (SDK) to design a custom player for Learfield Sports. Finding it proved to be a challenge. FMT and Learfield Sports tested hundreds of players.

The player needed:

  • An automatic reconnection mechanism, so that it wouldn’t have to be manually rebooted if the Internet connection timed out.
  • A buffering mechanism, so that if the Internet hiccupped during a live broadcast, the player could request the missing info.
  • Something easy to use: just play and pause.
  • Compatibility with all Microsoft Windows platforms, including older versions, such as Windows XP.
  • Compatibility with Learfield Sports’ broadcast stream codec, for optimal sound quality.

“We’ve had extraordinary positive feedback from radio stations about the player software. FMT really worked hard to develop the right player.”

-PHIL ATKINSON, VP Information Technology, Learfield Sports


After rejecting one player after another, FMT found the right SDK that would meet Learfield Sports’ qualifications. From that, FMT custom developed the Closed Circuit Broadband

Distribution (CCBD) player. The CCBD meets all of Learfield Sports’ requirements: high-quality sound, no noticeable hiccups in a broadcast, easy to use and is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows. The affiliates can now simply download the CCBD player from Learfield Sports’ website.

But that wasn’t all! Learfield Sports wanted to give affiliates a quick status about whether its stream was operating. That way, the affiliates could determine if a disruption was within the stream from Learfield Sports’ or their own Internet connection. The FMT Development team designed a custom Dashboard on the website to host a download of the CCBD player and to give the affiliates a live report of the broadcast stream.

A simple idea often requires a complex solution. FMT and Learfield Sports worked together to design and implement a custom player a ncl a clashboarcl for two value-added services that benefit both Learfield Sports and the radio station affiliates.


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