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Read how FMT is here to help you better support your business during the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Revamp your business processes.

It’s time to seize opportunities, understand project performance, and streamline administration.

Outdated applications and standalone spreadsheets offer limited visibility, which makes it difficult to allocate resources, make decisions, and plan projects. If you struggle to deliver projects on time and on budget, we have solutions to help.

FMT Consultants offers deep industry experience in professional services. This means we can boost your business with standardized service delivery, greater project visibility, and streamlined administration and accounting.

How We Help Professional Services Companies

  • Real-Time Analytics

    • Adopt a single, integrated system with real-time visibility into all aspects of your projects. Easily access the information you need to make the right decisions.
    • Gather and synthesize internal and external data, then use comprehensive BI and reporting solutions to drive transparency and accountability.

    Service Delivery

    • Leverage experience from previous projects, standardize your offerings, and streamline delivery with an integrated project management system.
    • Reduce implementation and staff time as you deliver higher, more consistent levels of service.
  • Automation

    • Gain a simple, accurate solution: you enter data into the system only once, and your core processes are automated and streamlined.
    • Improve your cash flow with more accurate invoicing and reduced cycle time.
    • Decrease the likelihood of mistakes when you consolidate your systems.
    • Save time for your employees so they can be more productive.
    • Free up more resources to focus on customer service.
  • Business Development & Client Engagement

    • Support new business development with your solution. You’ll be able to identify and drive profitable new business, as well as expand current clients’ services.
    • Automate client marketing and nurturing processes to drive inbound leads.
    • Manage the engagement process, from scoping, goal definition, and identification of key decision makers to project and resource planning.

    Management & Financial Accounting

    • Use an integrated project management and accounting system that quickly, easily, and accurately generates your financial reports.
    • Generate both managerial and statutory reports, and have everything you need to make informed decisions and ensure compliance.

Here’s a sample of our professional services projects:

A worldwide executive coaching company chose FMT to develop a custom mobile application that processes credit card payments. Now members can easily register and pay for their membership. FMT also integrated the application with the company’s CRM, Salesforce—as well as their Dynamics GP system—for full visibility and customer management.

A full-service enterprise-class security systems provider with over 300 employees in 18 locations was outgrowing QuickBooks. FMT helped implement SAP Business ByDesign, which provides them with improved process efficiency, visibility into key metrics, and streamlined collaboration across their locations.

A world-renowned consultancy firm with three offices asked FMT Consultants to implement SAP Business ByDesign and migrate their historical data from QuickBooks—and a larger amount of Excel spreadsheets—into their new system. With FMT’s consulting, the firm deployed the SAP solution into production in 60 days. Because of the success of the ByDesign implementation, the company had FMT enhance their Microsoft SharePoint solution too.

A nationally recognized real estate coaching company chose FMT to implement and integrate Dynamics CRM with the company’s website so they could track sales orders. Orders are then reviewed in CRM before they’re integrated with Dynamics GP for full customer visibility. The solution also enables the sales team to create sale orders and events in CRM that are offered to clients in bulk.

The FMT Way

Optimizing your business processes—and achieving your goals—can be easier. With our team of experts, from designers to architects, you’ll gain the technology experience, dedication, and know-how that your business needs.

We’re here to inspire your greatness through technology.

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