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To become a manufacturing industry leader, your company needs efficiency. Once you’re equipped with solid technology solutions, you can plan well, win over loyal customers, and improve your bottom line. You can achieve your highest manufacturing potential with better quality assurance, strong supply chain, and more.

We’re dedicated to helping manufacturers reach their highest level of business efficiency. With 20+ years of experience providing integrated business management solutions and IT services, the FMT team helps your business rise to the top.

FMT’s manufacturing solutions include:

  • Appropriate Costing Models

    Set your manufacturing processes for optimal results.

  • Discrete & Batch

    Choose the processing operation that improves your production control.

  • Data Management

    Stay aware of all aspects of your business and products.

  • Business Intelligence

    Generate custom reports that help you run your company better.

  • Supply Chain

    Steer the whole process with smart analytics and processes.

  • Scheduling

    Better your production schedule, and forecast with greater accuracy.

  • Quality Assurance

    Improve inspection processes so you deliver only the best products to your customers.

Manufacturing, Manufacturers, Business Management Solutions, IT Services, Costing Models, Processing, Data Management, Business intelligence, Supply Chain

We team up with manufacturing companies—and deliver success.

A plastic processor chose FMT to automate their end-to-end sales process—from lead to invoice—using Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP. Dynamics GP holds all of the product records and sends information over to CRM, which lets users create quotes. CRM holds the quotation approval process, in which a quote is converted to order, and then integrated with GP for fulfillment.

A beer manufacturer improved internal communication when FMT implemented SharePoint and provided them with a single platform for secure document management and communication. The intranet portal has been critical to their growth and maintaining their tight-knit culture; it even lets employees order their personal beer.

A worldwide skincare manufacturer outgrew Quickbooks and looked to FMT for a unified business platform. Since they needed one that’s easily accessible for all locations and facets of their business, NetSuite was the solution. With product launch dates fast approaching, a rapid implementation cycle required FMT to deploy components of NetSuite at top speed and with maximum efficiency. These components let the manufacturer procure and track raw materials, issue them to the manufacturing line, and produce the finished goods in time for forecasted launch and distribution.

An international connection system manufacturer had the FMT team implement Dynamics CRM so they could capture and close leads from their website. Based on predefined territory and association, the CRM system distributes inbound leads to salespeople and product experts. Then, CRM is used to generate quotes that sync with the company’s ERP system. Orders are created and fulfilled in the ERP system, yet they’re linked to CRM via system integration.

How We Help Manufacturers

  • Supply Chain

    • Adopt one integrated system that gives you real-time visibility into all aspects of your supply chain operations.
    • Track raw materials and finished goods availability, costs, and quality from suppliers accurately.
    • Manage inventory levels based on forecasted demand—all while maintaining a lean operation.


    Planning & Scheduling

    • Utilize your labor, material, and equipment resources more effectively.
    • Leverage advanced manufacturing scheduling engines to plan and execute your production schedule.
    • Translate forecasted demand into available work and capacity relationships efficiently.
  • Discrete & Batch Operations

    • Implement discrete or batch processing operations to ensure better production control.
    • Support contract manufacturing, make-to-order, make-to-stock, or any other production model with flexible business processes.
    • Increase output while reducing material costs, inventory carrying needs, and working capital requirements, thanks to the right mix of process improvements. Lower your per-unit production costs—and this can mean more pricing flexibility to lead your market.


    Quality Assurance

    • Ensure that receiving and inline inspection processes are driving high-quality products.
    • Track and isolate product dispositions carefully and accurately.
    • Delight your customers and distributors with stellar products.
  • Financial Management

    • Establish and maintain strong financial controls, including audit trails.
    • Manage multiple legal entities and consolidated reporting seamlessly.
    • Customize reports that address specific questions about your business—then get your answers quickly and easily.
    • Shorten your budget cycle and generate more accurate financial forecasts with advanced budgeting and forecasting tools.
    • Manage your accounts payable and fixed assets.

The FMT Way

Optimizing your business processes—and achieving your goals—can be easier. With our team of experts, from designers to architects, you’ll gain the technology experience, dedication, and know-how that your business needs.

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