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Comprehensive understanding of the entertainment industry? Check.

As diverse businesses within the entertainment industry grow and develop, we assist them as committed, experienced, and trusted advisors. Entertainment companies need to adjust their strategies to remain relevant and in-touch with their audiences—without sacrificing profitability and efficiency.

Our FMT team understands entertainment businesses’ unique needs. We craft specific solutions and platforms that are designed to improve revenue and productivity, all while responding to the industry’s demands.

How We Help Entertainment Companies

  • Social Media & Online Marketing Strategies


    • Engage lists of contacts with fresh uses of social media and online marketing.
    • Promote new releases—from studios to retailers and distributors—using software solutions as channels.
    • Inform the public of upcoming events, shows, and appearances with marketing campaigns tracked through your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.


    Document & Intellectual Property Management


    • Utilize the latest technology to facilitate document management, versioning, security, and removal of public and private documentation.
    • Discover unique identifiers and tracking mechanisms that keep you aware of company assets movement.
    • Choose secure ways to access local and external content via mobile devices.
  • Financials: Revenue Analysis


    • Implement proper tracking of merchandising and licensing for artists and productions through specialized reporting.
    • Integrate finances from international operations and productions so you gain visibility of total earnings.
    • Understand profitability of various revenue sources from foreign sales.
    • Manage revenue from catalogs of artist recordings.


    Financials: Cash Flow Management


    • Plan for cash flow fluctuations centered around large capital expenses, such as facilities and maintenance.
    • Handle accounting and Human Capital Management (HCM) with employee and labor functionality.
    • Gain visibility of seasonal and intermittent revenue that results from successful productions’ revenue spikes.
  • Prospects & Customers Management System


    • Connect continuously with prospects and customers from a single system via email, calls, faxes, and social media.
    • Track prospects’ and customers’ activities, and visualize them with graphs.
    • Run insightful reports, and maximize your capabilities with self-service tools.
    • Learn from intelligent, actionable data that’s based on multiple points of data capture throughout operational cycles.


    Distribution Strategies


    • Create systems that show income from internet distribution, such as ad-supported streaming and subscription services.
    • Build reporting capabilities to understand revenue from mass merchant and mid-level retailers.
    • Understand the profitability of many types of product distribution, so you can decide to adjust strategies when necessary.


    Technology Recommendations


    • Discern what’s needed for entertainment’s various sectors, including film production, music, sports, and performing arts.
    • Harness technology that streamlines your operations—and profitability—with a strategic plan developed with FMT.
    • Enjoy FMT’s long-term support after implementation and launch.
Entertainment, Marketing, Financials, CRM, Distribution, IT, Support, Consulting, document management, Intellectual Property Management

The FMT team has worked with:

A world-renowned museum that asked FMT to take over during their Dynamics GP implementation since they determined that their previous partner couldn’t deliver the solution they needed. FMT completed their GP implementation, then implemented Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management solution, which consolidated the museum’s 11 legal entities, and Solver’s BI360, which provides sophisticated reporting.

An American professional baseball team that chose FMT to implement a Dynamics CRM solution for managing radio broadcasts and forecasting ad sales. Now the company uses CRM to create documents that track each game’s revenue, as well as sell airtime on the team’s radio station.

One of the world’s largest horse racetrack operators—consisting of 140+ legal entities that operate in nine countries—requested that FMT implement Dynamics GP. Once the business processes and reporting were defined, FMT assembled three implementation teams and completed deployment across the entire enterprise in just nine months. FMT Consultants also helped implement Prophix for advanced reporting and budgeting capabilities.

A large live television producer that selected FMT to provide consulting and support for their existing Dynamics GP solution.

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