Do you use any of the myriads of services offered by Office 365? If you do, then you should know about Office 365 Secure Score. Secure Score analyzes your Office 365 environment and offers easy to follow suggestions and action items to bolster the security of your environment.

After companies deploy Office 365, there is commonly a lull or period of administrative inactivity. Maybe the IT team is satisfied with a job well done after a successful migration or they might have moved on to the next project. Although Office 365 offers much better overall security than most on-premise deployments of Exchange or SharePoint, for example, it does not mean that IT’s job is done. There are still safety configurations and organizational processes that should be followed, and which can be applied to an Office 365 environment to ensure that it is as secure as possible.

Enter Office 365 Secure Score. The first time you run Secure Score, it creates a baseline of your Office 365 environment. Now, every time you take action to secure your environment you can see your Secure Score rise. You will be able to track your progress all the way back to the initial baseline the first time you ran Secure Score.

The service is self-explanatory, and after it runs its analysis, you can view the details under the “Score Analyzer” tab:

At the bottom of this page, you will see a list of “Completed Actions” and “Incomplete Actions” that provides an overview and offers details for each recommendation.

As an example, if you use Exchange Online as part of Office 365, you should enable mailbox auditing for all users, after all, it is important to know if someone is accessing the CEO’s mailbox without authorization! Here is what Office 365 Secure Score looks like when you expand details for this action:

Office 365 Secure Score is a fantastic resource, because it also informs you about the impact on the change on your users. It is a no-brainer to implement as many low user impact changes as possible to increase your overall security posture. Actions that have a higher user impact require more planning, but are also important to consider.

So, if you are using Office 365, what’s stopping you? Visit Secure Score today and find out how to improve the security of your Office 365 environment! If you need help implementing a more secure solution or have any questions about Office 365 Secure Score or its recommendations for your company, FMT is here to help. Simply fill out the contact form below, and our team will reach out to you shortly!