From AdWords to NetSuite - Implement Pay Per Click Campaign data into CRM

Who uses NetSuite? NetSuite provides a full CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (cloud-based enterprise resource planning) technology solutions. A traditional answer would be sales and accounting.

But business has changed a lot in the past two years, in particular, marketing. There has been a rise in machine learning automation as opposed to rules-based. This helped search engine marketers adopt Programmatic Marketing and use automated bidding or Real-time Bidding (RTB). Business collaboration and connection are replacing hierarchy and bureaucracy. So the challenge that digital marketers are facing is integrating SEM data into NetSuite for full sales cycle visibility.

With a custom integrated marketing solution, you can now import Pay Per Click data directly into NetSuite CRM. Adding fields like campaigns and keywords with metrics like clicks, costs, and conversion rates add valuable insight into the lead generation process. This allows development of robust reporting within a single software solution.

PPC advertising is carried out on various platforms. In this post, we are going to focus on Google Adwords and NetSuite integration, as Adwords is one of the most commonly used PPC platforms today.

Step 1: Gathering PPC data from AdWords

For a small data set, you can do manually import using a CSV file. Log into your AdWords account and go to the Reports section. Create a Custom Report based on the metrics you want to see. Download it to a CSV file.

For a larger data set import, we can utilize an API connector tool. FMT has a long list of custom integration data connector partners to create dynamic custom integrations.

Step 2: Add the PPC data to NetSuite

Create a Marketing Campaign in NetSuite using the PPC Campaign and its respective Keywords.

Step 3: Reporting PPC Lead Revenue

Tag your PPC leads with the campaign id. The campaign id tag will then propagate to all related sales transactions. This will allow a clear path to understanding the quality of digital leads as well as the ability to adjust digital spend for a better forecast.

For dynamically importing additional insights about your leads from a Landing Page, you can use External Web Forms. Please visit our article The Best Way to Integrate External Web Forms with NetSuite by our Senior NetSuite Consultant Ilija Budimir. As leads come in you may want to use native NetSuite sales force automation functionality to establish a marketing and sales nurturing process.

Step 4: Add the PPC Campaign view to your overall marketing dashboard

This import can be done with any API advertising platform such as Bing or Yahoo.

Our consultants and IT specialists worked together to incorporate digital marketing campaigns into the business sales process in NetSuite. Then we created a marketing dashboard to visualize our PPC Campaigns as they fit within our overall marketing strategy.

Do you see value in having this feature added to your NetSuite or have any feedback that you'd like to share with us? Feel free to reach out by submitting the contact form below.

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