How to Change a Lead’s Contact Name to Company Name in Dynamics CRM 2016


Oftentimes Microsoft Dynamics CRM users have the need to see their leads as Companies instead of a Primary Contact Name.

Out of the box, Dynamics CRM doesn’t offer the ability to change the view to a company name, however, there is a workaround to achieve the desired capability without needing additional code or workflow.

This blog shares the steps to take to view Leads by Company Name instead of Contact Name in Dynamics CRM 2016. The process includes creating two new custom fields, one business rule, and two custom mappings.

Dynamics CRM 2016 Leads

How to view a Company Name on a Lead

  1. Create two custom new fields as First Name and Last Name. Make sure to set these to 50 max characters. Add these new fields to the Lead form. These will replace the existing ones.
  2. Spot the out-of-the-box First Name and Last Name fields in the field explorer (Right side) and add these to the form.
  3. Change the Last Name required level to “Business Recommended” and Hide the Name
  4. Add an OOB word next to First Name and Last Name labels, just for distinguishing those.
  5. Hide or Remove First and Last OOB fields.
    CRM Solutions Default Solution
  6. Now, click on the Business Rules button and create a new one.
    CRM 2016 Business Rules
  7. Make sure the condition and action look like this:
    CRM 2016 Copy Company
  8. Save and Publish the Lead form, you can close this if you want to.
  9. Go to the Lead entity in the Default Solution and search for 1:N Relationships section. Select “Contact to Lead” (contact_originating_lead) and open this up.CRM 2016 Lead Relationships
  10.  Click on Mappings section and delete the existing built-in mappings for First and Last Name attributes:CRM 2016 Lead to Contact
    CRM 2016 Confirm Deletion
  11. Add two new mappings in the same relationship. Use the custom fields created on 1 and map these in the first and last name native fields against the contact entity.CRM 2016 Lead to Contact Mapping
    CRM 2016 Create Field Mapping
    The fields should look like this:
    CRM 2016 Lead to Contact Selected
    Let all the customizations cook for a bit (Click on Publish All Customizations)

    CRM 2016 Publishing Customizations

Test the New View

Create a new lead, type all the information related to the contact and company, and Voila! There you have it! The Company is now the Lead Name!

CRM 2016 New Lead

Additionally, if you qualify the lead, you’ll notice the Contact field has the correct Full Name typed in the Lead form, so, we didn’t break anything!

CRM 2016 Replace

It’s as simple as that! There is no coding or workflow required to make this change. If you have any questions about customizing lead and contact information or about Dynamics CRM, please feel free to reach out to us by filling out the form below.

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