Highlights and Comparison of SharePoint 2016 with Earlier Versions

With the new additions in SharePoint Server 2016, Microsoft brings the best of its cloud functionality to its on-premises systems. These new features allow organizations who haven't taken the advantage of Office 365 functionality, to now utilize it despite being in an on-premise environment.

In this truly effective Hybrid model, organizations are able to have the best of the Cloud, while keeping all their important information and data stored on-premise. Microsoft's goal with this version of SharePoint is to introduce hybrid capabilities between Office 365's cloud-based SharePoint Online and the on-premises version so many enterprises have in production.

SharePoint 2016 boasts incredible performance and simple maintenance procedures. The latest version also has reduced feature activation overheads and uses the copy operation at the content database level to improve the site collection creation performance. You can also take advantage of faster upload times, increased list view thresholds, and enhanced security compliance.

Below are the key highlights of SharePoint 2016 in comparison with the earlier versions:

SharePoint Feature Comparison Table

 FMT Can Help You Take Advantage of SharePoint 2016

At FMT we have extensive experience in planning, designing, building, supporting and managing SharePoint solutions that fulfill your business needs while providing maximum ROI.FMT Can Help You Take Advantage of SharePoint 2016

Join us at nVerge In the Cloud for a detailed session on news, features, and improvements in SharePoint 2016 and more! During this session, we will also be sharing the key ways that SharePoint Server 2016 can benefit for corporate sectors and increase productivity.

Watch our session “Collaboration Designed for the Future – SharePoint Server 2016” here.

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