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FMT Consultants is a Silver certified Microsoft partner and consulting firm.

Our SharePoint services include:
Sale, Implementation, Migration, Customization, Integration, Support & Training.


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Why Microsoft SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint provides advanced, easy-to-use tools that let you manage your business better.

mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaUnified Data Hub
Work more productively when you organize content in a single location. SharePoint helps you manage documents, automate processes and collaborate with others more effectively.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaOn-the-Go Access
Easily store, edit and share documents across multiple devices. Automatic syncing allows simultaneous edits and ensures you’re always working with the latest version whether you’re in the office or in the field.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaEngaging Intranet Sites
Overcome “silo” mentality and enhance teamwork with advanced collaboration tools. A SharePoint Intranet site lets you share ideas and documents, access team news feeds, and manage taks and approvals in real time.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaAutomated Processes
Set up workflows for document routing, automated approval policies and other critical processes. With SharePoint, manual tasks will be a thing of the past.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaSpeedy Searches
Find what you need quickly and easily. Intuitive search capabilities will allow you to seek out documents, sites and people within your company and across social networks in just seconds.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaIncreased Engagement
Build an Extranet portal that provides a relevant customer experience and enhances collaboration with people outside of your organization.

Some of Our Happy Clients


“If you want to get your SharePoint site up and running quickly and without any issues, they are the A list. FMT is a great company, and it is great working with their team.”

Jay Dover

Why FMT Consultants?

At FMT Consultants our purpose is to inspire greatness through technology. Our in-house team of Microsoft SharePoint gurus takes the time to analyze and understand your business. This enables us to design and implement a solution that’s aligned with your unique business needs and opportunities. By optimizing your processes, we help make your business nimble, efficient and more profitable.

Over 1,000 successful project implementations since 1995.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaCustomer Service
70+ in-house technology, accounting, solutions and customer care experts dedicated to serve your needs.
We ensure that you work with the same team members as often as possible, and with those who have the greatest familiarity with your industry and system environment.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaCross-Functional Expertise
Extensive experience with system integration, custom development and migration.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaIndustry Knowledge
Experience in a wide array of industries including distribution, manufacturing, finance, professional services, life sciences, healthcare and public administration.
Ability to customize and tailor SharePoint to meet your unique needs and challenges.

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[contact-form-7 id=”32917″ title=”Need Help with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?”]