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FMT Consultants is a Gold certified Microsoft partner and consulting firm.

Our Dynamics CRM services include: 
Sale, Implementation, Migration, Customization, Integration, Support & Training. 


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Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

When you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to build long-term relationships with customers, you’re better able to offer products and services they really want.

mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaComplete View
Identify your most profitable opportunities with a 360-degree view of your customers.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaData Driven
Easy access to real-time data provides valuable customer insights for more effective cross-selling and up-selling.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaBetter Conversions
Engage customers with data-based, targeted campaigns that speak directly to them. Improve segmentation, behavior-based nurture campaigns and A/B testing help you achieve desired responses.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaSocial Sleuthing
Gain customer insights and capture leads by monitoring and engaging through social media channels.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaSocial Sleuthing
Gain customer insights and capture leads by monitoring and engaging through social media channels.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaSuperior Service
Attract and retain more customers with proactive, personalized service.

Some of Our Happy Clients


“FMT did a great job of implementing my vision. I’m confident that we are operating at the leading edge of CRM capability”

Donovan Weber
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Why FMT Consultants?

At FMT Consultants our purpose is to inspire greatness through technology. Our in-house team of Microsoft Dynamics CRM gurus takes the time to analyze and understand your business. This enables us to design and implement a solution that’s aligned with your unique business needs and opportunities. By optimizing your processes, we help make your business nimble, efficient and more profitable. 

Over 1,000 successful project implementations since 1995.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaCustomer Service
70+ in-house technology, accounting, solutions and customer care experts dedicated to serve your needs.
We ensure that you work with the same team members as often as possible, and with those who have the greatest familiarity with your industry and system environment.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaCross-Functional Expertise
Extensive experience with system integration, custom development and migration.
mhtdbqceegzwxiyyzulsozmdz_UserMediaIndustry Knowledge
Experience in a wide array of industries including distribution, manufacturing, finance, professional services, life sciences, healthcare and public administration.
Ability to customize and tailor Dynamics CRM to meet your unique needs and challenges.

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