Happy Fiscal New Year! Sales Tax Changes Are Here Again!

Managing sales tax compliance is no easy feat.

The tax rates you need to apply can change radically from one state to the next, and even from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Your products or services may even be taxable for one customer and not for another customer in a different state.

Then, you’ve got sales tax holidays, which mean you also have to consider when you’re selling in certain states. As if that’s not complex enough, why not shake things up every now and then as states decide which rates and rules to change?

For 46 states, the fiscal new year comes on July 1st each year. That’s also a time when many of them make changes to their sales tax laws.

In 2016 – per usual – a long list of new changes has been put in place. For most businesses, it can be hard to find time to research all these changes to be sure your records are up to date and falling behind could mean putting your business at risk of non-compliance.

But there’s no need to worry. FMT partners with the sales tax experts, Avalara, to make sure you’re ready for whatever changes come your way. Avalara has put together a handy guide containing a list of some of the most significant changes that took effect July 1, 2016.

This guide will provide you with:

  • An update on where we now stand with Internet sales tax
  • A detailed look at nexus laws at the state level
  • A breakdown of the local sales and use tax rates

Click the link below to download your copy of the “July 2016 Sales Tax Changes Guide” today!

Download the Guide here.


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