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Tracking and Reporting Projects using Office 365 and Project Online

Did you know Office 365’s tools can make your PMO run more efficiently?

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  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Choosing the Correct Development Tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Which ISV tools will work best with my Dynamics GP customization and applications?

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  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Fixed Asset Tax and Freight Costs within Microsoft Dynamics GP

    The GP functionality of adding the appropriate sales tax and freight to the matched invoice document in POP does not take into consideration adding the value of those additional costs to the fixed asset that is being purchased when using the Fixed Asset module. The steps below will get those costs into the fixed asset…

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  3. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Dynamics GP for Field Service Management

    The Dynamics GP Field Service Series is a very useful set of modules for any service organization. These powerful modules benefit service companies of all sizes by integrating essential accounting, distribution, and service processes. Contract Administration Whether you’re an ongoing equipment maintenance company or a provider some type of recurring service, the Contract Administration module…

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  4. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Part 2. Dynamics GP Stuck Batches

    Previously, in Part 1 we discussed Batch Edit Lists and how they can help you, including preventing batches that get stuck because of a transaction-level error. Sometimes, however, batches stick for an entirely different reason. During posting, the bulk of the processing actually takes place on the SQL database server rather than on your workstation. But at…

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  5. Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Part 1. Dynamics GP Batch Edit Lists vs. Bad Data and Stuck Batches

    Though every module of GP can be set to allow individual transaction posting, most users can benefit from batch posting. A batch is a group of transactions that will be posted all at once.  Once you have a certain quantity of transactions, it just isn’t feasible to post one-by-one anyway, but for consistency of process…

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