GP Login Error: “The login failed. Attempt to login again or contact your system administrator”

Implementing a new Dynamics GP environment or migrating an existing GP to new servers it's not an easy task. So I think it's safe to say, we've all encountered our fair share of complications when doing so. In this blog, we will go over a GP Login Error of not being able to login with SQL sa credentials, and exactly how to resolve it.

We will start with an overall understanding of the GP Login Error by visiting Microsoft Support and reviewing the following suggestions:

  • Confirm password information for sa.
  • Check Data Source configuration for GP client (ODBC).
  • Check versioning for GP. If a service pack is available, consider installing it.
  • Review permissions for the smDex_Max_Char stored procedure.

To put this in practice, we took an example of a recent case, where a client was migrating databases associated with GP to a new SQL server. After the databases were migrated, the system administrator was able to authenticate through the GP Utilities client and via ODBC with the known credentials for the sa account successfully. When attempting to log into the GP client with the same sa credentials, the following error was prompted: “The login failed. Attempt to login again or contact your system administrator”.

GP Login Error

Often times, when a new SQL server is configured to host GP databases, password and security settings are configured differently. Dynamics GP has a requirement that the password length cannot exceed 15 characters for all user accounts. The sa credentials must abide by this requirement as well.

The system administrator counted the characters of the sa credentials configured for the new SQL server and it ended up being 17 characters. Once the password was updated to 15 characters, the sa account could authenticate through the GP client.

In summary, when migrating or working with new environments where the sa account or GP user account credentials may be altered, Microsoft Support suggests reviewing password information, checking ODBC settings, reviewing versioning for GP, and reviewing permissions for stored procedures. An additional check is to confirm that the password length does not exceed 15 characters.

By following these suggestions, you will now be able to fix this GP Login Error and continue with your work in Dynamics GP. If you are experiencing a different related error or would like to get more information about Dynamics GP, please feel free to reach out to us by filling out the form below.

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