How to Rebuild GP fiscal periods

There are situations when recreating the fiscal period is a must. For example switching from Calendar Year to Fiscal Year or vice versa. In order to do this, you will need to rebuild your fiscal year and add either a short or long. And sometimes, you may receive an error in GP which would tell you to recreate the fiscal periods.

Before you start with the process, it is advisable to print the Fiscal Periods reports. You need something you can refer to when you start re-adding the fiscal periods in GP.

To print the Fiscal Period Report, you can go to Reports >> Company >> Setup, select Fiscal Periods and click New.

Enter a report option, don’t add any restrictions and hit Print.

Next, determine which years are historical, go to Tools >>  Setup >> Company >> Fiscal Periods. Select each Year and note if the Historical Year checkbox is marked. If the Historical Year checkbox is unmarked, the year has not been closed. You’re going to need this information once you start re-adding the deleted fiscal year data.

delete SY40100

delete SY40101

Next step is to go into SQL, back up the SQL company database and then run the delete statements below against the company database. These delete statements will drop all records pertaining to the GP fiscal periods/year.

After running the delete statements go to the Fiscal Periods setup window under Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Fiscal Periods and re-configure the years. You can refer to the report you printed previously. Also, you will need to mark the Historical Year checkbox for the historical years.

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