Go Bananas for Cybersecurity with Microsoft!

Or watch your business split quickly

Dole Experiences Cybersecurity Incident – The Dole Food Company recently reported a ransomware attack that split business operations, leaving customers without some of their favorite Dole products due to US-based production shutdowns. Were bananas affected? Not this time because they are grown in equatorial regions, but salad kits were!

Why are salad kits important? Understanding salad kits helps us understand how an intentional ad integrated approach to technology and Cybersecurity makes a big difference in business continuity. Let’s peel it back…

CNN reports that Dole uses Fortinet security products for their email security platform. Unlike their salad-in-a-bag strategy, Dole chose to separate email filtering outside of their native email platform. They went to the technology grocery store and bought the individual components to make the same salad they tell their customers to buy in a kit. Some companies really like this approach…it can work because there are many good technology options out there, but you will spend more time, energy and money to accomplish a result that may ultimately not be as good as if you consolidated providers…or bought the technology version of a salad kit.

What technology salad kit should you buy?

FMT recommends Microsoft!

What does Microsoft’s kit contain?

Azure Active Directory
Provide secure adaptive access, a seamless user experience, and simplified governance with a complete identity and access management solution. Learn more

Microsoft Sentinel
Get a bird’s-eye view across the enterprise with a cloud-based SIEM and unparalleled AI. Learn more

Microsoft 365 Defender
Prevent and detect attacks across your identities, endpoints, and apps with automation and AI. Learn more

Microsoft Defender for Cloud
Protect your multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud workloads with built-in XDR capabilities. Learn more

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps
Get deep visibility and control of cloud apps with a leading cloud access security broker. Learn more

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
Discover and defend Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and network devices against sophisticated threats. Learn more

Microsoft Defender for Identity
Protect on-premise identities and help detect suspicious activity with cloud intelligence. Learn more

Microsoft Defender for IoT
Get full visibility and continuous threat monitoring of your IoT infrastructure. Learn more

While additional details are yet to be released regarding Dole’s breach, let’s look at a company who did buy Microsoft’s ‘Salad Kit’ - Land O’Lakes. From Microsoft’s own security blog:

“The Microsoft tools we use are native to the platform,” said Michael Marsh, Senior Security Engineer, Land O’Lakes. Microsoft combines a tremendous volume of telemetry from around the world, which helps us understand where we need to direct our attention so that we can protect Land O’Lakes.

What is Land O’Lakes saying here? Buying the kit pays off for them. Not only are they getting more value from the cybersecurity products that they need, but they are getting a comprehensive solution that integrates natively. This allows them to make better decisions, faster. Something that may have helped Dole protect and prevent their attack instead of being reduced to limiting attack spread.

What should you do?

Evaluate the ingredients in your cybersecurity salad. If you are spending a lot of time, energy and money on individual ingredients but not getting the flavors you want and need, think about buying a kit instead. Think about Microsoft. When you want to talk about which Microsoft kit is right for your business, come to FMT where we can help you choose. We’ll open up the bag, mix the dressing, and even give you a fork if necessary. We offer licensing, advice, and professional services to complement all of Microsoft’s available kits.

Learn from Dole. Be more like Land O’Lakes. Go bananas for Microsoft Cybersecurity!

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