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Tracking and Reporting Projects using Office 365 and Project Online

Did you know Office 365’s tools can make your PMO run more efficiently?

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    Cloud, General Tech

    SmartRoom: FMT’s Innovative IoT Temperature Sensor

    Are summer days, setting your room ablaze? Maybe winter chill is making your health go downhill? Well, there’s no need to suffer through that anymore! The new SmartRoom device has a notification system and a temperature reader that helps to keep you regulated any time of year. FMT has adopted this technology for their conference room….

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  2. Best Practices, General Tech, News

    How to Design a Scalable Chart of Accounts

    One of the first tasks when implementing a new accounting software is designing a new chart of accounts (COA).  Some of you accounting professionals out there might see this as a great and exciting opportunity to revamp that messy, outdated and unstructured COA you are stuck with. However, to others, this could be a daunting task…

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  3. General Tech, News

    DocuSign – The Friction Buster 

    At FMT we run our business on the platforms we sell. Before we consider adding a new tool to our sales repertoire, we implement it and learn the ins and outs as beta testers to ensure it provides value to our customers. When we implemented DocuSign, I had an inkling it would become an indispensable…

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  4. General Tech, SharePoint

    When Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Flow Join Forces

    Create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more… What if we told you that you could have the power to connect all your SharePoint lists and libraries to a host of other apps from Dynamics CRM and Yammer to Dropbox, Mail Chimp, and Twitter? Imagine…

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  5. General Tech

    Is Investing in New Software Really Worth the Cost?

    Software is expensive, right? But, consider what it will cost your company for not having the proper software in place. IT MAY COST YOU LONG-TERM SUCCESS. Great organizations run smoothly and, in this day and age, software is a big piece of the puzzle. Your company’s organizational success, and more importantly its financial success, depends…

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  6. General Tech, Microsoft Dynamics

    DocLink Takes Your Business Paperless Any Way and Anywhere

    Do these situations sound familiar to you? Too much paper, convoluted access to documents, and/or no control over day-to-day processes and time? The concept of business productivity can become a reality by adopting a document management initiative and automating age-old paper practices. This video will educate you about integrated document management and the ROI of…

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  7. General Tech

    Why Document Management Matters: Three Ways Paper is Destroying Your Productivity

    Paper is a giant, expensive wrecking ball destroying your ability to work effectively each and every day. Your approval processes are getting held up. You’re getting charged late fees or missing early pay discounts. And worst of all, you’re spending a ton of money on paper, storage space, filing supplies, and routing fees to fuel…

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  8. General Tech, Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Webinar: Relax, Focus, Impress with Automated Workflows and Notifications by U-LINC & Dynamics GP

    Exercise: Step 1: Lift up both hands Step 2: Bend at the elbows Step 3: Place palms on forehead Have you found yourself in this position before? Do you keep getting surprised by incorrect data in the system, discovering important processes are not being followed, and the people who need to know what’s going on…

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  9. General Tech, Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Save One Hour Each Week by Streamlining AP Approvals with Dynamics GP and U-LINC®

    There are times when it seems like there are not enough hours to accomplish the day’s tasks. Finding ways to save time is not only a priority, but a necessity. Your customers have deadlines, vendors need to be paid on time, and your business probably doesn’t run on good thoughts either. Imagine being able to…

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  10. Best Practices, General Tech

    Multi-Channel Management Best Practices – Item Management

    If you are like most companies today, you are selling through multiple sales channels. Many companies are expanding their reach beyond traditional brick and mortar stores and increasing revenues through online stores and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. This strategy requires a good plan to manage items as the cost of inputting item information to…

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  11. General Tech, Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Reduce the Costs of Sending out Information with DocLink and Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Finding an alternative to sending paper documents in the mail or via a courier can mean significant cost savings. Imagine if all of the documents in your organization were stored in a secure, electronic library that could be accessed by all the different locations at the click of a button. Rather than shipping something to…

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  12. General Tech, Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Three Steps to Paperless Efficiency with DocLink & Dynamics GP

    Sometimes when we speak with customers about document management, we hear, “This solution would be so great … if only we had the budget for it.” There is a perception that in order to go paperless, you have to buy the whole expensive software package with all the bells and whistles. Many GP users don’t…

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