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D365 Business Central Configuration Package Challenges – Sales Orders Error
I recently had a D365 Business Central client that whenever she attempted to ship and invoice specific sales orders, she would receive an error message “The record in table Sales Invoice Header already exists" - see screenshot below. She was able to ship and invoice other sales orders without issue. However, certain sales orders would error out, regardless of what she did. Since this error was concerning the posted invoice number, we first investigated the numbering series for posted sales invoices.  Here is what we found: The invoice number in our error message was not from the currently assigned numbering series The invoice number in our error message was from a previous numbering series The previous numbering series was one that had been replaced by the current numbering series. Great information, but what next? After reading a few user questions in the Dynamics 365 User Group site, I found comments […]
Dynamics 365 Business Central – Reporting with Dimensions
Using global and shortcut dimensions in Dynamics 365 Business Central provides much flexibility for reporting options.  One limitation, which isn’t much of a limitation, is that you can only filter on up to four dimensions. However, building the report to use up to four dimensions takes a few steps in order to properly report on dimensions (other than Global 1 and Global 2).  By default, you can create an account schedule using the Global 1 and the Global 2 dimensions but not on shortcut dimensions.  Here are the steps to report on shortcut dimensions: Create an Analysis by Dimension View Update the Analysis by Dimension View Assign the Analysis View to a Column Layout on an Account Schedule Personalize and Design the Column Layout Window to Add Filtering Options Print the Report Sounds simple enough! And it is, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Plus, if […]
Tips for Year End Closing in Microsoft Dynamics GP
Closing out the year in Dynamics GP requires a very specific set of actions to complete. Please refer to the Period and Year-End Best Practices for more details from our Dynamics GP 2018 Period-End & Year-End Closing Manual. So in this blog, we’ll go over general tips for all year-end closings as well as specific tips for different GP modules. Note: Be sure to have a current backup of both the company and Dynamics databases. The first and most important task besides performing the close is making sure all users are out and you have a valid backup for each company. Backups should also be taken in between some of the closing procedures when it involves payroll or any other time consuming processes. Make sure to also safeguard your backups from any cleanup routines you may have setup in SQL server by keeping it in a different drive and folder. […]
Moving from GP to the Cloud
  Learn how moving to a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will improve your company's ability to overcome challenges and transform your business for long-term success.   In this session, you'll learn ...     Why you need to move off GP     What happens if you don't move     5 Ways moving off GP helps your business     How ready you are to move       Speaker Information Chris Schofield Microsoft ERP Practice Director at FMT Consultants Chris has more than 15 years of experience implementing Microsoft ERP solutions and architecting, designing, developing and implementing client's business processes. He has managed a wealth of projects and worked with companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries - from small firms with few users and simple projects to larger companies with hundreds of users and complex requirements.
5 Ideas to Drive Sales Through Marketing Automation and Microsoft Dynamics 365
Marketing automation – the name really doesn’t do the technology justice. While it’s true that a marketing automation platform can help you automate marketing campaigns, these robust systems are capable of so much more and benefit many areas within an organization outside of marketing. Sales is one such beneficiary, particularly when marketing automation is paired with Microsoft Dynamics 365. In recent years, the internet and social media have changed buyer behavior, which has in turn changed how companies sell to their buyers. Consider these sales statistics: • Today’s buyers are anywhere from two-thirds to 90 percent of the way through the buying process before they reach out to a vendor. (Forrester Research) • 50 percent of qualified leads are not ready to purchase immediately. (Gleanster Research) • The average sales cycle has increased 22 percent over the past 5 years due to more decision makers in the buying process. (Sirius […]
4 Key Features of Saleforce Lightning
It has been a few years since Salesforce launched Lightning Experience. Lightning is Salesforce’s latest component-based framework developed for users with less programming experience. It is designed to maximize sales rep. productivity, complete with analytics and in-line intelligence that will drive sales precision. Since the launch, Salesforce has been encouraging its customers to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning.   Why should you move to Lightning? There are two main reasons why you should consider migrating from Salesforce Classic to Lightning: 1) All users will eventually be transitioned over and 2) Lightning has significantly more power. To expand on point #1, Salesforce recently released this statement: “Starting in October 2019 with the Winter ’20 release, Salesforce will turn on Lightning Experience for all organizations on a rolling basis. When it’s turned on, standard profile users and custom profile users with the Lightning Experience User permission enabled will see the ‘Switch […]
4 Trends that Are Transforming CRM
As the number of businesses using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems increases, the market becomes more competitive. Understanding and adopting the latest trends in CRM is crucial to stay ahead. Big players like Salesforce and Microsoft in the CRM scene are constantly researching and improving their solutions, which helps you and your business. On top of managing your organization’s customer interactions, CRM is now used to improve customer experience, increase sales and customer retention rate. CRM is, without any doubt, evolving at a rapid speed and transforming into a sophisticated solution.   4 key trends we are seeing in 2021   AI-Powered Voice Assistant Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, conversational CRM is becoming the focus of the CRM space. There are many capabilities that an AI-powered CRM offers such as text-based chatbots and face recognition. However, what we should pay most attention to is voice functionalities. CRM providers like Zoho and […]
Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Release Notes – April '19
The April ’19 release notes describe all new features releasing from April 2019 through September 2019 for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Previews for some features will start in February 2019. You can either browse the release notes below or download the document as a PDF file here. April ’19 Release Overview The April ’19 wave of releases for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform provides you with significant capabilities to transform your business. These release notes describe functionality that may not have been released yet. Delivery timelines and projected functionality may change or may not ship (see Microsoft policy). Dynamics 365 The enhancements to Dynamics 365 applications in the April ’19 release include hundreds of new capabilities across Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Portal, Field Service, Project Service Automation, Finance and Operations, Talent, Retail, and Business Central. Microsoft is adding a new set of mixed reality experiences using Microsoft Layout and […]
5 Signs You Need an Upgrade from QuickBooks to ERP
Think back to when you first decided to use QuickBooks. At the time, it seemed like a simple and easy-to-use accounting system that suited your business needs. You weren’t alone in that decision. QuickBooks, without a doubt, is considered one of the most beloved options for many users around the world. Many small to mid-sized organizations find that QuickBooks is straightforward and, most of all, affordable for their business scale. Your decision, however, was likely made before your business started growing and your accounting department started experiencing the limitations of QuickBooks. It turns out that for many businesses, QuickBooks eventually becomes too simple and frustratingly rigid, which can be costly in the end. If you start wondering if QuickBooks is still the right option for your organization, it is a sign that your business is expanding and is outgrowing QuickBooks. Cheers to that! So, what’s your next step? You need […]
Using Your ERP to Accelerate Decision Making
With the constantly evolving business world comes a constantly evolving series of challenges for manufacturing companies. Speed to market stresses every aspect of the organization. From sales to customer satisfaction, modern manufacturers need a proven solution that can set your business up for quick decision making, success, and growth.   In this recorded training session, you will learn how NetSuite can help manufacturers overcome the most common challenges and transform your business for long-term success in 3 steps:     How you can increase profitability       How to overcome manufacturing challenges       How to accelerate decision making           ERP to Accelerate Decision Making On-Demand Webinar Information: Part 1: Fast. Global. Insights. Using NetSuite to Increase Manufacturing Efficiency with Paul Clayton, VP of Consulting Services at FMT Consultants Part 2: Drive More Profit From Your Inventory  with Russ Graf, VP of Sales at NetStock Part […]
FMT Consultants Named Bob Scott VAR Star Top 100 Technology Reseller
Carlsbad IT consulting company recognized as a member of the Bob Scott’s Insights VAR Stars. Carlsbad, CA, Feb. 25, 2019 -- Today, FMT Consultants has been selected as a member of the Bob Scott’s VAR Stars for 2018, a group of 100 organizations from across the country honored for their accomplishments in the field of mid-market financial software implementation. “Each year, 100 VAR Stars are picked from the best organizations that market financial software. It is always an honor to recognize those who contribute to the development of our business,” Bob Scott said. Members of the VAR Stars were selected based on factors such as growth, industry leadership and recognition, and innovation.  Selection is not based on revenue and those firms chosen represent a wide range of size and many different software publishers of accounting software. “In our industry, Bob Scott Insights represents an objective, informed, and discerning resource for […]
Managing Microsoft Licensing through FMT’s Cloud Solution Provider - CSP program will cut costs
Navigating the Microsoft Licensing Landscape is difficult to say the least.  Here at FMT, we joke that you need a PhD in Microsoft to fully understand it.  In today’s fast growing business world, if you’re like most growing businesses, you don’t have time to learn everything you need to know.  Thankfully, you don’t need to.  Our team of consultants already have. In this recorded training session, you’ll you learn how you can right size your licensing to save money,  increase performance, and navigate the complex and changing Microsoft environment.  By the end, you’ll feel confident in your ability to configure, implement, and deploy the licensing that makes sense for your business.  This session, led by FMT’s own Director of IT Consulting Zach Saltzman, walks you through everything you need to know, so you can stay focused on what matters most…  running your business. Here’s what we’ll discuss: Microsoft licensing […]
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