EFT Payables Batch is Empty? The Possible Culprit – Vendor Setup in Dynamics GP

Generating EFT Payments from within Dynamics GP is a quick and easy process. However, if not configured correctly, your EFT batch may be empty and you may be left shaking your head trying to figure out why. The Vendor card may be the reason your EFT batch is empty if your Checkbook in Dynamics GP is configured for EFT Payments.
In this article we will troubleshoot some possible issues causing the EFT Payables Batch to come up empty in Dynamics GP.
Here are the steps to setup a Vendor for EFT payments:

  1. Navigate to the Vendor card (Purchasing >> Cards >> Vendor
  2. Select the Vendor ID
  3. Click on Address and press Clear to enter in a new Address ID
  4. Enter a new Address ID (for all vendors that will be paid electronically such as “EFT” use an Address ID)
  5. Enter the Country Code, then select EFT Bank
  6. On the Vendor EFT Bank Maintenance window
    • Select the Bank Country/Region
    • Pick the Account Type (generally Checking)
    • Select the File Transfer Method (generally Business Account but this should match the EFT File Format)
    • Pick the Curency ID
    • Enter the vendor’s Transit Routing Number
    • Enter the vendor’s Bank Account Number
    • Press OK
      Vendor-EFT-Maintenance-Dynamics-GP(If you are emailing Remittances to the vendors, you will need to enter an email address on this Address ID, and you will also need to setup the vendor email options from the vendor card)
  7. From the Vendor Address Maintenance window, press Save
  8. Enter the EFT address ID in the ‘Remit To’ field on the Vendor Maintenance window - the key step to ensure invoices entered for this vendor are paid via EFT
  9. Press Save.

So why is step 8 so important? The Remit To Address ID on an invoice can be the EFT Address ID. That invoice will be pulled into the EFT payable batch. Many times I find users have the default primary address in the Remit-To address rather than the EFT address ID.  Then, when they try to build their EFT Payables Batch, it’s empty. After you enter the correct EFT address, you will be able to build an EFT payable batch.

Now, you may be asking yourself “what if I want an unpaid-posted invoice to be paid via EFT rather than by check?” Or “I have posted an invoice using the EFT address ID, but now the Vendor has requested a check – what do I do?”

Not a problem! This can easily remedied, although tedious if you have many invoices that need adjustments. Navigate to Purchasing >> Transactions >> Edit Transaction Information. From this window, select the Vendor ID and the Document Number.  Update the Remit-To ID to either the EFT address, or the non-EFT Address and press Save. The next time you build your check or EFT batch, the invoice will populate in the designated batch.

This article describes a common error with EFT Payables Batch in Dynamics GP and how to go about fixing it. If you are experiencing a different related error, please feel free to reach out to us by filling out the form below.

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