Dynamics GP PA Historical Transactions

Historical Transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GPAs we all know, the Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Accounting module can become an ongoing administrative burden for clients, not to mention the time it takes to setup and configure during a new implementation. Like many modules implemented in GP, clients tend to require some amount of historical transactions to be included in their new ERP system, and the type and amount of those historical transactions can vary greatly from module to module and client to client.

The Project Accounting module is no different in this regard but has a substantial impact on the go live process and timing of the implementation. There are some concepts and restrictions that need to be remembered when including historical PA transactions in an implementation:

  1. If historical PA transactions are included in the project scope, make sure you build enough time into the schedule to complete the historical transactions prior to going live.
  2. Historical PA transactions must be entered in chronological order for most of the transaction types. Billings and Revenue Recognition transactions are restricted by the Cutoff date and earlier dated transactions cannot be created and posted.
  3. Before current data reporting can be accurate at ‘go live’, all of the historical transactions need to be entered and posted before the live transactions are created.
  4. The only Integration Manager integrations available for the PA module are Timesheets and Expense Report transaction types so welcome to manual entry or in some cases Macros.
  5. There are ways to integrate data through SQL although un-supported by Microsoft, and require the running of the reconcile utilities including the PA Reconcile and Recreate Periodics.
  6. The PA module doesn't concern itself with fiscal or calendar year summaries and a Project's historical transactions are life-to-date so keep that in mind when negotiating the amount of historical data to include in the project scope.
  7. Terminology or nomenclature of project accounting data varies from client to client so make sure you have the client's definition of terms like "Unbilled' and "Deferred" so you can relate those terms to the specific GP Project Accounting module terminology.

Written by:
Chris Schofield, GP Practice Manager
FMT Consultants

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 FMT Consultants
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