Dynamics GP Deployment in Multinational Environment

Company A is becoming a multinational corporation and has made acquisitions to expand operations at various locations across the world. Can a Dynamics GP solution be deployed so the environment only has a single set of databases? Yes, indeed.

Multiple Dynamics GP clients of different languages can be installed and connected to the same database backend in a single environment. Should a company be operating in multiple areas in the world, localization is available for the Dynamics GP client. Some localizations may have additional features and functionality available that are geared towards its specific area. For a list of available modules and countries, click here.

In general, a deployment of multiple Dynamics GP client localizations requires install and configuration of the primary location first, and then the secondary.

Summarized steps are as follows:

  1. Install Primary localization of Dynamics GP Client.
  2. Run GP Utilities.
  3. Launch GP and log in SA for it to perform synchronization.
  4. Log into every company.
  5. Once a primary client has been installed and configured, install secondary location of Dynamics GP Client.

If GP client is already installed on a system (with primary localization), the installation will prompt to create another instance. Specify Instance Name.


Instance name will be reflected in Program’s installation directory - C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft DynamicsGP2016$EUR

  1. Run GP Utilizes of a secondary client.
  2. Launch GP of secondary client and log in with SA credentials.
  3. Log into every company.

As with any deployment, there should be some careful planning in regards to features and functionalities to enable. We have witnessed scenarios where the audit trail codes do not align with one localization to another when the secondary language was processed before the primary causing a need to rebuild the codes. Some GP modules may be specific to certain countries so reporting capabilities may be different from nation to nation.

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