Dynamics CRM 2016 Could Mean the End of Survey Monkey

We all know Survey Monkey is a great and simple survey tool. However, we are also aware that it requires third party tools, hours of headaches and unnecessary confusion to integrate all that rich data we’ve collected into our CRM solution.

Well, if you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 you can say goodbye to Survey Monkey. In the latest version of Dynamics CRM, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called the “Voice of the Customer (VotC).”

In this blog we will take a look at this new feature and how it will allow you to brand, build, distribute, and analyze surveys right out of Dynamics CRM. VotC can do everything Survey Monkey can do, and more!

1. Branding

The Voice of the Customer allows you to create multiple survey themes to reflect your company’s branding guidelines. Upon creating a new survey, you can select the theme you want to use for that specific survey, upload a logo or image, change footer link texts and navigation settings, and customize page header texts, just to name a few. And if you really want to get creative, you can even integrate your own custom CSS code to the survey.

Voice of the Customer Survey RunTime

Tired of having to pay a premium to get rid of the Survey Monkey branding when sending out the survey invitations? With Voice of the Customer, you won’t ever have to see anyone else’s branding anymore. You will be able to customize and brand the survey invitation emails how you want it.

2. Building

Crafting the survey is easier than ever! With VotC, you can design the user interface by simply dragging and dropping from a vast library of out of the box survey parts. Just like Survey Monkey, VotC has all your traditional survey parts such as radio buttons, drop down selections, scale ratings, free-form responses, skip logic, and much more. Additionally, Microsoft incorporated a few more creative and fun survey parts, such as the Smilies Rating which uses emoji images to help portray emotions.

Voice of Customer Emoji

Similar to Survey Monkey, VotC also has the ability to create question logics. For example, if a customer selected “Product A” on the first question, the next few questions will be geared towards product A.

3. Distributing

Just like Survey Monkey, there are a few ways you can distribute a survey based on how you want to collect the responses, anonymously, or non-anonymously.

Anonymously – If you wish to keep the survey responses confidential, you can easily copy/paste the survey URL and share it however you want, such as social media, email blasts, etc. You also have the option to embed the survey into an iframe and post it on your website. These responses will not be associated with any customer records in CRM, however you do have the option to create leads in CRM from anonymous responses.

Non-anonymously – If the survey responses are not confidential, the responses will be linked to the lead, contact, or account in CRM. Each respondent will have a unique URL to the survey that can be embedded in the email invitations. Besides the perks of having the results directly attached to the respondents’ information in CRM, you will also have the ability to fully customize survey invitations by piping data from CRM. For example, including unique products that each customer has, or a specific case number they’re account is attached to.

4. Analyzing

Say goodbye to messy excel documents and wasting time trying to make sense of the raw data. Voice of the Customer gives you easy access to survey dashboards which displays a high-level view of the survey results in a clean and visually appealing manner, in addition to the ability to run reports for more specific metrics.

Why spend extra on third party survey tools, such as Survey Monkey, when you can seamlessly create and distribute customized surveys right out of your Dynamics CRM solution for free? Take a look at this short video for a quick demo of how Voice of the Customer works in Dynamics CRM.

Can’t wait to start collecting responses? The Voice of the Customer functionality is currently only available on Dynamics CRM 2016 Online. Fill out the form below so we help you take advantage of this awesome feature!

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