Don’t Fall Behind! Get Ready for Dynamics 365!

Here at FMT, we’ve been eagerly awaiting Dynamics 365 for months. Today, Microsoft added to our excitement by making some major announcements about their newest business solution!

In this blog post, we’d like to share with you everything we’ve learned about Dynamics 365 and how it’s going to change the way that you do business.

What is Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365, formerly known as Project Madeira, is Microsoft’s new way of bringing together the best from their Dynamics ERP and CRM cloud services.

Along with the many apps available on Microsoft’s AppSource, your business will be able to build the perfect, custom tailored system. This software as a service model makes it easy to start small and add functionalities as you need them, freeing your business to grow at its own pace.

Intelligence for Your Entire Business

One of the most exciting features of Dynamics 365 is the way it easily integrates itself with your existing Microsoft services. Dynamics 365 comes equipped with cutting edge intelligence that will help you provide better customer service, improve manufacturing, sell more efficiently, and more.

Microsoft’s newest solution is also equipped to take full advantage of your Office 365 subscription. With features such as Outlook integration and Power BI reporting, you can easily get the most out of all your services without any manual transfer.

Take Dynamics 365 Anywhere You Go

With the release of Dynamics 365, you can take your business wherever you go. Each Dynamics 365 application comes with a native mobile app that can be accessed on Andriod, iOS, or Windows Phone. These apps have all the intelligence of the browser version and fully connect with you Office 365 apps like Outlook, so you won't need to sacrifice for your mobility.

Get Dynamics 365 on November 1

Today Microsoft announced that Dynamics 365 will be available to customers in over 135 markets beginning November 1, 2016. At launch, the solution will support over 40 languages and will include Enterprise and Business Editions for SMB organizations.

The price of Dynamics 365 hasn’t been officially released yet, but Microsoft has stated that the service will offer subscriptions on a per app/per user basis along with plans that support the modern workplace. These plans would support a customer’s role in a company – giving them access to the apps they need and not forcing them to pay for what they don’t.

Learn More at the Dynamics 365 First Look

This afternoon at 2:30PM EST Microsoft will be hosting a First Look at Dynamics 365 event as part of Summit16. This live stream event will feature demos that showcase all the new and exciting features, as well as the powerful level of intelligence that Microsoft is using to bring businesses into the future. Click here to watch.

If you’d like to learn more about Dynamics 365 be sure to check our blog where we'll be wrapping up everything we learn about Dynamics 365 and more during Summit16 this week! Check out Day 1 here!

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