DocuSign – The Friction Buster 

At FMT we run our business on the platforms we sell. Before we consider adding a new tool to our sales repertoire, we implement it and learn the ins and outs as beta testers to ensure it provides value to our customers.

When we implemented DocuSign, I had an inkling it would become an indispensable tool to those of us that sell for a living.

Before DocuSign

In the past, we would have to print contracts, hustle to the printer across the room, hunt down our CEO for a signature, hustle back to the scanner, scan the contract, rename the file, save it to the hard drive, launch outlook, and then finally email it to the customer. The customer was then required to print the contract, hunt down their Executive’s signature, re-scan the document, rename the file, save it to their hard drive, launch outlook, and email it back. Finally, I would need to upload the document to CRM, notify accounting, the practice manager, and the sales manager that the deal was closed.

Whew! That was tiring just typing all that!

After DocuSign

However, now that we have integrated DocuSign, our process is simple:

First, I load the contact into DocuSign, apply a template, tweak a pre-canned email, and hit send. The customer can then sign from any phone, tablet or computer. Once signed, the workflow directs the contract to my CEO for signature, and once complete, all parties get instantly notified. Brilliant!

Just last month I got the nod to move forward with a deal at 5:30 PM on Friday afternoon. My CEO, however, was out of the office on vacation! Despite the fact he was not due back until Tuesday the following week. Thanks to DocuSign, at the time I hit send, it took 4 minutes for the contract to be completed by both executives, all relevant parties to be notified, and for the documents to be uploaded into CRM for safe keeping.

Prior to DocuSign, this process would have taken a week to complete!

I also love the automated reminders that go out to the customer and the ability to see what deals are pending because they help me stay organized. I also never have to worry about losing my documents since there is a redundant backup of the deal stored securely.

But perhaps the biggest benefit, and the reason I cannot live without DocuSign, is that I get more business done – and that makes me smile!

What will you do with your extra time?

If you want to learn more about how you can improve your sales process with DocuSign FMT can help! Simply contact us using the form below and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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