Contract Line Import Tool for the Dynamics GP Field Service Module

Eliminate the cumbersome manual entry of contract lines!

This blog post describes how to streamline the process of creating and maintaining contracts and contract items in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Field Service module.

The Standard Contract Entry screen is used within the Field Service module to create and maintain contracts and individual contract details (see screenshot below). More specifically, the entry screen allows users to specify the customer, duration of the contract, the actual items/services and the contract prices.

Entering contract information manually works sufficiently for simple contracts but as the volume of contract details increases, the task of creating and maintaining contract details becomes very tedious and time consuming. I have previously worked with clients dealing with hundreds and even thousands of contract lines. You can begin to imagine how painful, error prone and time consuming the entry task can be!

Contract Entry in Dynamics GP

The Contract Line Import Tool

Our Dynamics GP experts at FMT Consultants have developed a user-friendly and effective tool that streamlines this cumbersome manual entry process. With this tool, the steps for creating contracts and contract items are as follows:

Step 1

Prepare the contract details in Microsoft Excel. A screenshot of the sample file is provided below.

Contract Details Dynamics GP

From the Contract Entry/Update screen, click the ‘Additional’ tab and open our custom “Import Contract Details” window to import the data from the prepared Excel file (note: the ‘Import Contract Details’ option is available only when the Import Tool is installed in GP).

Import Contract Details Dynamics GP

Step 2

Choose the path of the file and click the ‘validate’ button to validate the file. The Import Tool will then validate the data in the file and create the equipment records.

Contract Detail Import Dynamics GP

Step 3

Use the Equipment Import screen to finally import the equipment records that have been preselected into contract details.

Equiptment Import Details Dynamics GP

With our user-friendly import tool you can streamline the process of creating contracts with large volume of details while avoiding error-prone and time consuming data entry. As a result, you can import thousands of contract lines in just a few minutes and ultimately spend more time on valued-added work rather than manual and tedious data entry.

How to get the Contract Line Import Tool

Contact FMT Consultants for more information and to get started with the import tool.

Written by:
Aram Jung, Senior GP Consultant
FMT Consultants

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 FMT Consultants
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