Completing the Sales Cycle with Project Delivery & Management in CRM

Do you deliver a complex product or service utilizing several team members or simply want to execute internal projects? If so, the right software solution can help improve the management and delivery of your projects. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a complete end to end solution with Project Service.

From project creation and team allocation to deliverable execution, everything is integrated into Project Service for unsurpassed collaboration and visibility.

In this blog, we will take a brief look at the features that will be explored in our Project Service nVerge session and how they can be combined with business processes such as marketing activities, sales opportunities, and service calls, or can run independently through the creation of standalone projects.

Project Management

Once a project is created, tasks are listed within a timeline to organize the activities needed for a successful delivery in the work breakdown structure. Attributes specific to each task are included such as: where it fits in the overall project, what role is needed to complete the task, how many hours the task is expected to take, dates, and dependencies.

Dependencies and durations can be controlled with drag and drop functionality. This automatically creates a Gantt chart which provides visibility to the overall project on a calendar.

Dynamics Project Service Gantt Chart Calendar

 Allocating Resources

Once the project tasks are listed with the required roles, the system can search all users to find who with the appropriate skillset is available at the needed time. The project service system then supplies the project manager with a list of compatible users for each role to select from for hard booking resources to the tasks.

Dynamics Project Service Project Manager

User Visibility

Users then have access to the project and visibility extends to mobile devices and Outlook. Users are able to complete tasks and mark them as such on their mobile devices, the CRM system, or Outlook. By marking a task complete in Outlook, those working on the task are able to not only update the project manager of its completion but also allocate utilization metrics for their own performance.

Dynamics Project Service Mobile View

 Time Tracking

Time entries can be edited in case the task requires less or more time than what was initially expected. This allows the project manager to be kept informed about potential risks as each task is completed.

In the event a user finishes their tasks much quicker than was expected, they are returned to the available pool of resources and can be assigned to another project.

Time tracking also gives the project manager automated up to the minute information on the project status for client meetings without tracking down the resources and reading through emails to understand what's been done.

Dynamics Project Service Time Tracking and Time Entry


Dashboards are easy to configure and provide insight to every piece of data captured through any of these processes. Managers are able to see financial reporting, current numbers, the state of projects, team member utilization, and any other important information captured throughout business operations. This information is displayed in various forms. The dashboards are also navigable so users can go directly to the records which need attention based on the KPI reporting.

Dynamics Project Service Practice Management Dashboard

See More at nVerge In the Cloud

Want an even closer look at how the features in Microsoft Dynamics 2016 can help you streamline your project management? Register for the free Project Service session, “Completing the Sales Cycle with Project Delivery & Management in CRM” taking place during nVerge, FMT’s online technology conference, on September 8, 2016!

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