CIO Review Features - NetSuite: A Machine to Disrupt the Machine

By Eric Casazza, CEO, FMT Consultants FMT-highres-1

The digital world constantly disrupts the market. Businesses being run by way of disparate information silos and systems try to handle the disruption in a cumbersome, human way. Companies need to be nimble and efficient to anticipate the disruption, scale along with it and drive success.

In the movie The Imitation Game, the Allied decoders also faced disruption in the form of coded German radio communications. As soon as the decoders thought they had made progress solving one message, hundreds more German transmissions came through, each with its own novel, machine-generated code. Alan Turing, an English scientist and mathematician hired by the Allies, believed it was impossible for even the brightest human minds in the country to beat a machine. The humans were thinking as individuals. What they needed to win the war was efficiency: unifying all that brain power into one powerful machine: the world’s first computer.

Businesses deal with a similar problem. As soon as they think they’ve responded to a shift in the market, aligning all of their systems and processes and getting the entire company on board, hundreds of new disruptions arise. In the spirit of Alan Turing, the only way to decode a fickle market is with a machine. This machine needs to be nimble and adjust to changes, unifying disparate systems so they all work as one central brain.

One such machine is NetSuite. NetSuite is an agile, all-in one software suite that scales to a business. NetSuite operates on the cloud; data is updated immediately, across every channel and can be accessed from anywhere on any device. With its CRM, BI, ERP and ecommerce solutions, NetSuite unifies the whole enterprise and grows as the business grows. When the market causes disruption, NetSuite can easily decode it and enable seamless operation across one platform.

Decoding the Point of View Disruption

“Companies that are customer-centric are 60 percent more profitable than those that are not.”—

Data technology has disrupted commerce. Before there was crowdsourcing, metadata, big data, the IoT and social media, businesses operated via a customer focused approach— creating a product or service and extolling its merits. Modern business has changed its point of view to become customer-centric—decoding what the customer wants and creating the best solution for them.

With NetSuite analytics, users can examine core transactions to identify trends, opportunities and issues across the entire enterprise. Built-in dashboards are easy to customize, updated in real-time and users can access reports on any device. NetSuite collects data across the entire enterprise so that companies can get an accurate picture of each customer’s spending habits and needs.

Decoding the Company Culture Disruption

“Sixty-three percent of CEOs see company culture as a challenge to digital transformation. Fifty-six percent listed cooperation between teams and silos as a challenge.”—Alitmeter Group Digital Transformation Survey 2014

The entire company culture should be customer-centric in order to provide an authentic experience for the customer. This should occur across every business unit. Until a customer-centric company culture permeates the systems and processes, it is relegated to internal communications, or marketing copy. The customer’s interaction with the front-end of a business will seem inauthentic and flat.

Software creates infrastructure, and therefore plays a major role in company culture. With NetSuite, users can customize the software to align with their unique systems and processes. All of the business units operate on the same platform and are completely transparent with one another. Collaboration and cooperation are engrained into the infrastructure. This translates into a genuine, branded experience within the enterprise and by extension, for the customer.

Decoding the Customer Experience Disruption

Customers touched by a customer-centric organization feel as if the product or service is tailored specifically to their needs. With NetSuite, customer records are updated across all channels, in real time. Marketing, sales, production, shipping, accounting, contracts and ecommerce–all see the same data and can collaborate on how to give each customer the most personal, company-branded experience. The customer is touched at every step of the buying lifecycle and perceives the business as one entity. No matter how large the organization, the customer experience is personalized and tailored just for them.

Decoding the Customer-centric Supply Chain Disruption

The supply chain has been disrupted by technology. Companies have traditionally been far removed from the individual customer, but now that one customer, emboldened by social media, holds enormous sway. The result is greater complexity and variability in the products and services businesses provide. This can potentially cause a supply chain disaster if a company can’t adjust production quickly enough to respond to the market.

The only way to decode the complicated customer-centric supply chain disruption is with a robust and flexible machine. NetSuite ERP mitigates risk by forecasting sales and providing real time production and inventory data. New products or services can be quickly integrated across every business unit. Companies aren’t reinventing the wheel with every new product rollout.

Coding the New Disruption

In The Imitation Game, Alan Turing’s machine cracked the code and the Allies knew the German’s every move. But that wasn’t enough. The Allies had to plan where and how to disrupt the Germans in order to win the war. They had to become the disruptors.

Decoding the disruption helps companies survive, as they are able to respond to the changing market. But success requires that companies don’t just react, but cause disruptions of their own. Not spending all their time putting out fires allows time for creativity and new ideas. This is authenticity at its core. Rather than follow the market, innovative companies free up the ranks to spot the niches in their market, effectively anticipating their partner or customer’s needs.

NetSuite is a modern machine that decodes a customer-centric way to do business by providing an agile, cloud-based, scalable software suite that sits on a single platform. NetSuite encourages innovation with its infrastructure built upon collaboration, transparency and communication.

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