Changing the Customer on an Invoice without Losing Audit Trail in Microsoft Dynamics GP

A common question that has come up recently is ‘How do I change the customer on an invoice?’

Well, in short, it’s not possible without significant unsupported updates to SQL data which compromises the audit trail that is part of a GAAP compliant accounting system such as Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The good news is that there are some tools available in Dynamics GP that can assist you in crediting the original invoice and a new invoice.

Below is a step-by- step example of how to handle the following scenario:

  • a sales order is processed for a customer, and an invoice is sent to that customer.
  • the customer subsequently advises that the order should be paid for by a different company.

The general steps are:

  1. Post the original customer invoice even though it may have the wrong customer listed.
  2. Create a return based on the original customer invoice – verify the correct lot number and/or serial numbers if applicable on the return document.
  3. Review your company policy as to whether commission should be included on the return to reverse the original invoice.
  4. Post the return.
  5. Apply the return to the original invoice.
  6. Create a new invoice for the correct customer but only fill out the header details. Be sure to consult the salesperson and comply with the company policy as to which invoice will track the commission.
  7. Copy the lines from the original customer invoice to the new invoice created for the correct new company.
  8. Allocate line items as needed (you may need to click the yellow triangle) – this might include selecting the lot numbers and/or serial numbers if applicable.
  9. Review and post the invoice per normal procedures.

Invoice INV0000041 for customer ID TIV001 is credited by generating a return and then the same line items are sold on a new invoice to customer ID 2WI001.

Original sale invoice:

Dynamics GP Sale Invoice

From the Sales Transaction Entry window, select Create Return from the Additional menu. Select the Type ID and the Customer ID. Then, look up the original invoice.

Dynamics GP Create Return

Mark the line items to be returned, then click the Post button.

Dynamics GP Sale Invoice Return

The Return document is created.

Create Return Document

Update any details as needed on the Return document – perhaps updating to original invoice date and Batch number. Verify that any freight or tax amounts match the original invoice. Review and Post the sales batch and apply the posted Return to the original Invoice.

Dynamics GP Sales Transaction

From the Sales Transaction Entry Window create a new invoice to the new/correct company. Enter all the header details including items such as a custom Ship To address including the customer name, shipping method and salesperson.

Do not create or add any line items.

Dynamics Great Plains Sales Transaction

Use the Action menu to select the Copy function.

Dynamics GP Copy a Sales Order

Select the original invoice issued to the end use customer and carefully set the options shown below so as to copy all the line item details such as price, markdowns and sites from the original invoice.

Then click the Copy button.

Dynamics Great Plains Copy a Sales Order

You will now have an Invoice to the new/correct company with all the original lines and pricing from the original customer invoice. You will need to select/verify/assign the correct lot numbers and/or serial numbers if applicable. You want to be sure to re-enter any freight amounts and verify the tax as applicable. Review and Post using your normal procedures.

Dynamics GP Sales Transaction Entry

Using this method you will have the full audit trail of the original incorrect invoice as well as the new correct invoice, and using the Create Return and Copy functionality within Dynamics GP makes the process quick and easy.

Feel free to reach out should you have questions or need additional information.

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