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Why Power BI is quickly becoming the leading platforms for data analysis
It’s always fun helping clients gain better insight into their business? During most account meetings, the conversation eventually includes this: “Our reporting is bad, I wish I could somehow have access to the right data to make better business decisions.” Although many tools can produce this desired outcome, Microsoft’s Power BI platform is quickly becoming the solution of choice. Here is a quick summary of why decision makers and executives are relying on data from Power BI. Top reasons: Cost: According to Gartner Group, Power BI is one of the lowest priced solutions on the market today and roughly 80% lower than other cloud products. You can start with the Power BI FREE Desktop, BI Pro $9.99 per user per month, or Power BI Premium (capacity pricing option based on per node per month). Many companies already own Power BI licenses as part of their Office 365 suite. Connectors: Here […]
CPM & BI Tools: Which is Better for Your Business? Part 2
What do CPM and BI have in common? Regardless of your organization's industry or role within your team, we can all agree on one thing: Everyone should have access to meaningful data to optimize their job functions in order to make educated business decisions. If you do not have a meaningful report or accurate key performance indicators, how will you help your department stay on course? Regardless of your role (technical, finance, division manager, etc) CPM and BI tools allow everyone to improve their productivity. What connects both BI and CPM: Data Management? The amount of data traveling across the world is growing at an exponential rate and it's becoming increasingly more important to capture that data in order to make sound business decisions. Organizations are using diverse platforms spanning cloud, on-premise, and privately hosted platforms. The large amounts of data sources may range from ERP, CRM, e-Commerce sites and […]
CPM & BI Tools: Which is Better for Your Business? Part 1
If you are looking at new ways to analyze your business, it most likely means your current reporting tools are not getting the job done. With so many options to choose from, let us narrow it down to BI and CPM to determine which is right for your organization. What is the difference between CPM and BI? Both pull data from various data sources to analyze information so you can prioritize market opportunities, company strengths, and weaknesses. BI platforms gather and analyze data relevant to the organizations business in order to improve business decision making. CPM tracks and manages your company’s KPI’s such as operational costs, revenues, budgets, overhead, and additional financial metrics. Both definitions overlap but there are differences. CPM tools typically focus on budgeting & planning, forecasting with visual and graphical dashboards to track the KPI’s relative to company objectives and goals. BI focuses more on visual data […]
[Video] BI360: Streamlining Budgeting and Forecasting
Does your current budgeting cycle consist of back-and-forth email threads with too many spreadsheets and broken links? Or is your time consumed by manually entering budgeting information into each account in your ERP solution? Once you have the numbers, is it challenging to make sense of all of it? If so, it’s time to graduate to consolidated budgeting and forecasting with BI360. BI360 Budgeting & Forecasting is an Excel add-in with powerful workflow, collaboration and security controls that is easy to use and provides a full look into your organization so you can be confident in the decisions you make.  
Management Reporter Replacement: Moving to Next-Gen Reporting
Microsoft recently announced the end of future development for the Management Reporter tool in Dynamics GP. While you’ll still be able to use MR and receive basic support—it’s not recommended to stay with a solution that is no longer going to be updated or enhanced. The good news is that you can switch to a next-gen solution like Solver BI360, and actually gain enhanced capabilities and intelligence beyond MR’s financial reporting. Watch this video to get a better look at BI360’s powerful reporting module and how it’s the perfect replacement to Management Reporter.  
[Video] What exactly is BI and Enterprise Reporting Budgeting?
There has been a lot of noise around BI. The advent of PowerBI and Azure Machine Learning coupled with the latest news around Management Reporter and Forecaster have added complexity to the ecosystem. A complexity that stands in the way of you and the tools you need to grow your business.    The first half of this video will focus on clarifying the categories and identifying the latest business intelligence trends for Dynamics customers. The second half will introduce a product, Solver BI360, that addresses the data integration, reporting, budgeting and dashboarding component of BI.    
[Video] Getting Started with Power BI and Dynamics GP
Do you spend hours every week trying to analyze and create visual reports from your Microsoft Dynamics GP data only to do it again for next week’s meeting? If this sounds like your weekly routine, Power BI is going to be a life-changing tool for you. Microsoft’s Power BI solution allows you to put your entire company’s data onto one visual dashboard. It will also create real-time interactive reports that you can easily share with the rest of your organization. Want to bring your GP data to life? Watch this video to see how easy it is to create reports through Power BI and gain insight into your Dynamics GP data from financials, to sales, to receivables, and so much more!  
Comparing Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence
The difference between Business intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) can often become muddled and confusing for businesses looking to choose the right solution for their reporting. While both are very closely intertwined, understanding the differences and similarities between the two is important to choosing the correct option for your business. In this blog, we will help to clear up the confusion between BI and CPM by addressing the similarities and differences between these two systems. BI Business Intelligence describes the technology used to gather and analyze data relevant to an enterprise in order to improve business decision making. This includes ad-hoc queries, OLAP (on-line analytical processing), scorecards and searches. BI can also be used for many types of visualizations such as dashboards, scorecards, and KPIs. While BI is graphically-oriented, it goes beyond just displaying data. BI can also allow users to drill down into a chart or report […]
New Features in Microsoft Business Intelligence with SQL 2016 and Power BI
Microsoft Power BI recently had its one-year anniversary, and with the release of SQL 2016, the future of Business Intelligence just took a giant leap forward. Microsoft is starting to achieve its goal of putting the power of data in the hands of every business and person on the planet. In this blog, we’ll preview some of the new features of SQL 2016 Reporting Services and some of the most recent updates in Power BI that you’ll see during the Microsoft BI session at nVerge In the Cloud.  We’ll also look at how you can jump in and get started with these tools and how they work together to provide you access and insights into your data. SQL 2016 Reporting Services SQL Reporting Services (SRS) is still the go to on-premise solution for deploying and managing reports. Some of the great new features include the ability to: Develop paginated reports […]
Video: Bring Your Dynamics GP Data to Life with Power BI
Does your organization have easy access to all your GP data across all devices? Do you find it easy to create dashboards, interactive reports, and stunning visualizations? If not, this is a must-watch video! During this video we’ll demonstrate how you can transform your existing Dynamics GP data into rich reports, visuals and customized dashboards. Topics include: Connecting Dynamics GP to Power BI Building customized dashboards and reports using Dynamics GP sales data Creating stunning visualizations Mobile access to your Dynamics GP data With accurate and easy to read data you’ll gain deep visibility across your entire organization, be able to spot trends as they happen and steer your business towards greater heights. What is Power BI? Power BI from Microsoft is a cloud-based business analytics self-service reporting platform that gives you a single view of your most critical business data – across all devices. Power BI integrates easily with […]
5 Reasons to Consider BI360 over Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP
When it comes to reporting out of Dynamics GP, there is a veritable smorgasbord of options available to you, the end user. Although it may be tempting to opt to use Microsoft's Management Reporter 2012 as it comes bundled with your GP license, Management Reporter may not be the best option depending on your or your organization's individual needs. FMT Consultants implements and supports a variety of third-party report writer tools for Dynamics GP reporting, and here are 5 reasons why you should consider Solver's BI360. 1. Excel-Based User Interface Most people in the ERP space are familiar with Excel. In fact, for many users, report writing tools only exist to export data out of Dynamics GP into Excel so that it can be further manipulated into final reports. So why not build your reports in Excel to begin with? Enter BI360. BI360 is an Excel add-in that allows the […]
Budgeting and Forecasting with Prophix Part 2 – Creating Budget Templates
Recap Welcome Back! In Part 1 of this blog series, we started our conversation about using the power of Prophix’s corporate performance management (CPM) software to gain efficiencies and improve accuracy in the budgeting and planning processes by easily creating multiple budget scenarios, called versions. We discussed how Prophix allows you to build new versions based on any combination of historical data and previously created planning scenarios. Once the new version is created, the finance team can utilize the other tools in Prophix to develop consistent and secure budget templates to be distributed to the department heads. Managers can then populate designated fields and return the templates. Upon approval, Prophix then imports the templates and automatically incorporates the new data into the appropriate budget version. The finance team monitors this process in Prophix’s Workflow Manager which will be detailed in a future post. This second blog post illustrates the steps […]
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