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Take Control of Your Inbox: Learn the Secrets of Clutter in Outlook
Some of you may have noticed a new “inbox” that has been quietly added to the scene of email management. Last year Microsoft introduced a new addition to Outlook referred to as “Clutter.” Clutter is designed to help users focus on the important stuff and serves as a smart filter for your inbox. Let’s take a look at what Clutter is, how Outlook determines what is inbox “clutter,” and how to manage it. So just what is my Clutter inbox? Your clutter inbox is basically a filter that analyzes the way you read your email and hides the things that it determines you’re unlikely to read or respond to. Think of it as a “sub-inbox” for your low priority emails. Well, what’s the difference between this and my junk email? Junk mail is classified as an unsolicited email from senders you’ve never interacted with before, or any messages that may appear […]
Office 365 or Google Apps? What’s the Best Cloud Productivity Suite?
Choosing between Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 for your productivity suite can be one of the most difficult decisions you make for your company. After all, with the emotion that goes into the Google versus Microsoft debate, something as simple as choosing a cloud-based productivity suite can quickly cause rifts between co-workers the size of the Grand Canyon. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of these products to help uncover the answer to the question, "Office 365 or Google Apps?" 1. Pricing Both Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps have pretty straightforward pricing plans. However, the two products begin to differentiate themselves when you look closer at what you’ll get for your money. Office 365 offers several different business and enterprise plans, but we’ll look at the 3 most standard options: Business Essentials for $5 per month, Business for $10 per month, and […]
How to Take Your Office to the Cloud with Office 365
We know that living in today’s world you need to be able to do business whenever and wherever you are. From checking email to collaborating on projects, today’s professional is constantly juggling a work-life balance. The good news is that Microsoft’s Office 365 is here to help! Why should I make the switch to Office 365? You can provide your team with the tools they need to work anytime, anywhere, on any device by moving your familiar Office productivity applications to the cloud. Whether you’re working online or off, from your computer, tablet, or phone, Office 365 has you covered. You can access your files, email, calendar, and more from anywhere you can access the internet. Office 365 also keeps itself up to date, so you can be positive you’re always working with the latest and greatest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. What’s included in Office 365? Office […]
Decommissioning On Premise Exchange 2010 and Office 365 Hybrid Environment
Late last year, Microsoft made changes to Office 365 which broke the ability to manage an Office 365 hybrid environment via Exchange 2010 management tools (the Exchange Management Console aka EMC). Most likely, this was due to the behind the scenes upgrade to Exchange 2016 underlying the Exchange Online offering in Office 365. In response to these changes, customers are decommissioning on premise exchange 2010 and Office 365 hybrid environments. This blog will drill into the changes that were made, how to plan for a hybrid decommissioning, and common questions that are asked. What’s changed? One of the great benefits of Office 365 is that Microsoft rolls out the latest and greatest server-side software to their cloud before they release it to the general public. But there’s a dark side to this practice when unforeseen consequences impact the Office 365 user base. If you migrated to Office 365 in the […]
Skype Me, Skype You, Skype Everyone
Conferencing is transforming into a Skype world, we’re just living in it.  I’ve recently consolidated our conference vendors to Microsoft’s Skype for Business, thus saving my company over $1,000 per month - you should consider doing the same. Skype for Business is available as a standalone product or as an option within Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of services.  Skype for Business conferencing provides you with all the tools that you need for calling, audio & video conferencing and screen/application sharing. Recently, Skype for Business has expanded to include Dial-in Conferencing (aka PSTN Conferencing) with Microsoft as the dial-in conferencing provider.  In a nutshell, you can add a dial-in toll number (toll free numbers coming soon) to your Skype for Business meeting within your existing Office 365 subscription: This allows us to have conferences with dial-in numbers from one single vendor.  For those of us responsible for managing technology vendors, we […]
Taking Your Partnership to a Higher Level: FMT Consultants as your New Cloud Solution Provider
Everyone wants to be in the “Cloud,” but the thought of working directly with a large vendor may be intimidating. Dealing with multiple support agents and large annual commitments may be concerning to your small/midsize business. If your company currently uses Office 365, Azure, or CRM Online, why not work with a local partner who can accommodate your business needs? This blog will review key benefits of partnering with a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider and the seamless steps to make it happen. Like the clouds in the sky, the benefits are endless! Support from familiar faces Continue working with the same consultants who have successfully implemented other projects for your company. We understand your business and your IT environment. Consistency is key and this will reduce the time spent onboarding new resources. Billing Forget about the annual agreements. CSP offers month-to-month plans with no commitments. FMT also offers payment […]
When Employee Terminations Go Off the Rails – Legal Discovery
We’ve all experienced it – an employee termination process goes off the rails and legal discovery ensues. This can occur at any time during the employee termination process, including prior to a termination. Or, you may find yourself needing to do some legal discovery for merger and acquisition transactions, patent or copyright infringement investigations, etc. Regardless of scope or the timing of legal discovery, you are presented with the daunting task of collecting Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in a process known as electronic discovery (eDiscovery). But how do you do this in a cost-effective manner while still running your business, focusing on customer loyalty and improving your products and services? Fortunately, Microsoft’s rapidly growing Office 365 suite of solutions includes Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery, which incorporates significant eDiscovery enhancements, including: High value, cost-effective eDiscovery of emails, files, Skype instant messages, and SharePoint sites Court approved machine learning solutions developed by […]
Best Practices: Designing an Email Blast for Outlook 2016 with ClickDimensions
The new and improved features in Outlook 2016 aren’t the only things that have changed with this new update. Along with the awesome redesigned user interface, there are also slight changes in the way Outlook 2016 renders HTML emails. Ever since Outlook 2007, HTML and CSS have been rendered through Microsoft Word’s internal system. Due to certain HTML and CSS limitations in Word, some features are interpreted differently by Outlook 2016, compared to other email clients. If you are familiar with email marketing, you most likely know that your marketing emails are rendered differently across different email clients. And if you know that the majority of your email recipients are part of the 400 million Outlook users worldwide (if you are doing B2B email marketing, they mostly likely are), you may want to make a few changes to the way you design your emails. In this blog, we will be […]
How to Install and Configure OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client
OneDrive for Business is a cloud service from Microsoft designed for you to store, sync, and share your work files. As part of Office 365 or SharePoint Server 2013, OneDrive for Business lets you and your team members update, share and collaborate on any of your Office documents from anywhere, on virtually any device. Microsoft has recently made lots of improvement to the client that syncs files between your local computer and your remote cloud-hosted OneDrive for Business folder. This blog post highlights some of the new features (and things to be aware of) of the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client, and provides instructions on how to install the newly released client. New Features Highlights Improved reliability and performance Selective sync Support for large file up to 10 GB in size Removing 20,000 file sync limit Admin controls to deploy and configure for end users for Windows and […]
How to Connect to Office 365 and Exchange Online in Less Than 2 Minutes using PowerShell
90% of our clients type the following command lines highlighted in yellow each time they want to connect to Office 365 or Exchange Online via PowerShell: Office 365 Exchange Online If you regularly need to connect to Office 365 and Exchange Online either because the GUI doesn’t allow you to perform a particular task or because the feature you want to leverage is not available through the GUI, please follow the steps below to make the simultaneous connection to Office 365 and Exchange Online as simple and fast as a double click: Connect Simultaneously to Office 365 and Exchange Online At the root of your C drive ( C: ), create a folder named “Office365”. Within the “Office365” folder that you have just created, create a file named “HowToConnect.ps1” (the file name is up to you but the .ps1 extension is required) and copy/paste the following 5 command lines into […]
FMT Consultants Announces nVerge 2014 - a One-Day Technology Conference Focusing on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics Marketing, SharePoint, Office 365 and IT Environments  
nVerge 2014 takes place on September 25th in San Diego, CA and offers a combination of keynotes, breakout sessions, learning labs, ongoing exhibition with software developers and IT service providers, networking sessions and a post-conference cocktail reception. San Diego, CA, July 29, 2014 - FMT Consultants, a leading San Diego and Los Angeles-based provider of technology solutions, announces nVerge 2014. nVerge 2014 is a one-day technology conference focusing on the latest feature updates and trends for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions, third party software applications for the Microsoft Dynamics product line, hardware solutions and IT services. The one-day conference offers a combination of keynote and breakout sessions, presentations by premiere San Diego businesses, ongoing learning labs, exhibition with IT service providers and independent software vendors, networking sessions, breakfast, lunch featuring a special presentation by Dale Carnegie of San […]
Video: Microsoft Office 365 - Exchange, Outlook and Web Apps
This video dives into some of the many features of Office 365 - Microsoft's cloud-based productivity suite comprising Outlook email, Lync instant messaging and conferencing, Microsoft SharePoint, the Office suite, Web Apps and much more. The topics of this video focuses on Exchange, Outlook and Office 365 Web Apps. Try Office 365 for 30 Days! Click here for a free, no-obligation Microsoft Office 365 trial. The video was recorded on February 27th, 2014 by Sean McMahon, Zach Saltzman and James Anderson. FMT Consultants is a leading Microsoft Office 365 partner and consulting firm serving all of the US and Canada. Contact FMT today to learn more about Microsoft Office 365. Posted by: Jakob Bechgaard
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