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ERROR: “The database setup has not been completed for Microsoft Dynamics GP”
Does your business run two instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP? If you’re doing business in more than one region, the answer is likely yes. However, sometimes having multiple instances can cause errors you might not normally see. In this blog, we’ll show you how to solve one such error that causes you to receive a popup that states “the database setup has not been completed for Microsoft Dynamics GP.” The Scenario One instance in which I encountered this error was while helping a client who had a United States instance of Dynamics GP as well as an Australian (AUS) instance of Dynamics GP. We created a new company using GP utilities, as we would normally do, but when this client attempted to log into the newly created company on the Australian GP client, they received the following error: “The database setup has not been completed for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Use […]
Dynamics GP Disaster Recovery Planning
While setting up and upgrading Dynamics GP for clients, I often find disaster recovery planning is something that is overlooked. Often, only the databases are backed up and newly created companies have not been added to the backup plan. In light of this, I want to walk you through what you’ll need to have ready to bring up your GP system quickly in the event of a disaster or data loss. For the purposes of this blog, we will assume that only the SQL Server needs to be recovered. In this case, no software will need to be reinstalled unless it was installed on the SQL server itself. Since all our other servers are still up and running, but are pointed to the SQL server, the software on these servers would be safe in this case. 1. Capture Logins It is important to capture SQL logins from the SQL server […]
How to Process Fully Applied Documents for Vendors in Dynamics GP
Many Dynamics GP AP users complain about seeing old fully applied documents on the check stubs as they print a check for a vendor. What these users might not know, however, is that solving this common complaint is as easy as processing an old fully applied document through a regular check batch and posting it as a $0 batch before you actually print a live check. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can easily process fully applied documents for vendors in Dynamics GP. Go to Purchasing, select Transactions, and then click Checks Create a batch and save it. Enter the Vendor ID range (that you want to process fully applied docs) and hit Insert Check off ‘Print Previously Applied Documents’ Click Build Batch Wait until the Batch Total is no longer zero, then click Edit Check. Use the second arrow on the bottom left to scroll to the […]
Simplify Dynamics GP Mobility and Eliminate VPN Costs with Awingu
Would you like to access Microsoft Dynamics GP applications from any browser using any device? Are you tired of the headache and cost of traditional VPN and managing client devices? With Awingu, you can leverage the power of web technology to access all your GP applications from any HTML5-capable device without having to install software on the end user’s device. Why Awingu? Awingu is a web-based interface that simplifies enterprise mobility, remote access, real-time collaboration and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Today, your business likely combines SaaS, Web, Windows Server, Windows Desktop and legacy applications. Analyst firm Gartner categorizes Awingu software as a “Workspace Aggregator” because Awingu software aggregates all these applications -- whether on-premise or in the cloud – into a single, online workspace that can be accessed from any browser, device or OS. All you need is an internet connection. What Are the Benefits of the Switch? Some […]
7 Ways to Save Money on Microsoft Dynamics GP
When Microsoft Dynamics GP pricing goes up, that doesn’t mean your cost has to go up with it. Did you know that opting to use your Microsoft Dynamics GP in a cloud environment can often help you keep the cost of using GP lower than if you were to operate it in your own offices? Whether you’re new to Microsoft Dynamics GP, or looking to migrate your existing GP environment to the cloud in the coming year, there are plenty of ways that you can cut the cost of operating your Dynamic GP system. Start by considering the following options: 1. Eliminate Your Hardware Costs By migrating your Microsoft Dynamics GP to a cloud environment, you can eliminate the cost of having to purchase hardware. That’s because cloud-based Dynamics GP means everything will be provisioned directly to your web browser. You’ll also save space in your office, as you won’t […]
10 Reporting Options for Dynamics GP 2016 and When to Use Them
Microsoft Dynamics GP is a comprehensive accounting/ERP solution designed to help you streamline and unify all the different parts of your business. Dynamics GP provides you with enhanced visibility into your company’s financial data making it easy to make decisions quickly and accurately. Many companies running Dynamics GP, however, are just scraping the surface when it comes to utilizing the software’s reporting capabilities. At times, this means they often struggle to pull out critical data and reports when needed. This blog will provide an overview of the most common reporting options in Dynamics GP as well as the situations in which they are most useful. 1. "Out-of-the-box" Reports There are a number of pre-built reports that can be run in order to view common Financial and Systematic Reports. The data presented in the reports can be filtered, but the organization of the data is difficult to modify, limiting the visual […]
New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016
Microsoft’s Dynamics GP has been a staple of business management solutions for a while, and it just keeps getting better. With the newest version, Dynamics GP 2016, Microsoft has taken a big step towards creating the ultimate user-friendly, efficient ERP system. In this post, we’ll cover the newest features included in GP 2016 so you can be sure you don’t miss a thing. The Switch to HTML5 The biggest and most exciting change that comes with Dynamics 2016 is the new web client. Previously, the GP web client was powered by Silverlight, but with this new update Microsoft has made the switch to HTML5. So what does this mean for you? By switching to HTML5, the GP web client is more agile and has improved accessibility. HTML5 also allows GP to finally become browser and device agnostic. This means with the new client you can log in from anywhere using […]
Dynamics GP 2015 Workflow Email Error
Have you been struggling with getting your Dynamics GP 2015 Workflow email actions to work? Do you receive the workflow email, but encounter error messages when trying to approve it? Have you seen “Page cannot be displayed” or “The selected action is not available” error messages in your deployment troubleshooting? If so, then this article may be helpful for you. In this example, we are using the Vendor Approval workflow. First, a new vendor is created and submitted for approval. An email notification for the new vendor is then generated and routed to the user account defined in the workflow. Workflow Email Approval Notification Received: The next error you may have encountered is when the user tries to approve the workflow, and they receive an error stating “The selected action is not available.” Workflow Email Action Error: What I realized was that this error usually appears when the user tries […]
What to Expect During a GP Upgrade
The old Microsoft Dynamics GP upgrades that we used to know have evolved into more seamless, less disruptive version updates. When Microsoft introduced the Web Client in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, GP transitioned from each release being a major upgrade to more of an update from one version to another.  The key difference between the two approaches, is that an update of Dynamics GP should not be as disruptive to the business, e.g. systems offline for multiple days, in order to take advantage of the new features and capabilities. Since these updates are easier to apply, companies that utilize Dynamics GP are able to keep their solution on the most current version, rather than stay one or more versions behind. While Microsoft is describing these releases as an update, the installation of a new version of Dynamics GP should not be approached as you would when you install an update […]
Should you upgrade to Dynamics GP 2016, or wait for R2?
As enhancements and new features become available in Dynamics GP releases, we often find customers asking themselves if they should upgrade to the latest version or wait for the R2 release. In the past, when Microsoft was on a 2-year release cycle, customers would often wait for the first service pack or R2 release because they were nervous about bugs with new features and wanted to wait until all the kinks were ironed out. Well, that mentality as become outdated. This blog will look at how upgrades were approached in the past, and the shift to staying current with GP updates going forward, the right path for your business, and what’s new in GP 2016. Upgrades are a thing of the past Conventional thinking with software, and technology in general, has been to not rush in on the first release or introduction of a product, but rather wait for 2.0 […]
7 Reasons Why QuickBooks Is Not for You
For most small-to-medium sized businesses, QuickBooks has long been a software of choice. With QuickBooks, however, problems arise when users want to expedite their workflow (speed, report customization, data import/export, etc.), or the business grows and more is expected by stakeholders (internal control, number of simultaneous users, integration with 3rd party tools, etc.). The beefed-up version called QuickBooks Enterprise Edition attempts to address these concerns but is really just a larger program with more master record capacity yet with the same features as QuickBooks Pro/Premier. For rapidly growing QuickBooks-based businesses, here are the top 7 reasons why you may want to consider a more scalable ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics GP. 1. Limited Database Size QuickBooks' performance decreases as the size of the company file increases. Performance may be hindered with files that are larger than 500 MB in Pro or Premier; more than 1.5 GB in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions; more than […]
Microsoft Dynamics GP: Employee Taxes Got You Stumped?
Figuring out Federal and State tax withholdings, can be very confusing.  Especially with all the options in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  In this guide, I’ll help you to understand the Employee Tax Maintenance and State Tax Maintenance windows and how you should decipher the forms given. The Employee Tax Maintenance window works off of the Federal W-4 Form.  The State Tax Maintenance window works off of the State’s equivalent of the W-4 Form. Here is a link to those forms: If you only have your employees fill out the Federal W-4 Form, you’ll use this for both windows to fill in the information.  For the State of California as an example, you’ll use the DE-4 form for the number of additional withholdings allowances for estimated deductions claimed if completed by the employee. Employee Maintenance Tax Window To help fill out the Employee Tax Maintenance Window in GP, we will use […]
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