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[Video] Upgrading Microsoft Dynamics GP
Dynamics GP 2018 is right around the corner As a Microsoft Dynamics GP user, you’re likely familiar with navigating the 2-year release cycle and the questions that come with each new release. Should you upgrade now? Wait for R2? Is the new functionality worth the cost? What happens if you stay on your current version? With Microsoft scheduled to release GP 2018 this December, the question is upon us once again. Will you idle along or hit the gas? Watch this video to learn more about the latest release from Microsoft and the options that you have for maintaining your financial management system. In this video, explore: • Microsoft Dynamics GP roadmap • New features in GP 2018 • Upgrading your financial system – pros and cons • Applying it to your business – you have options!
EFT Payables Batch is Empty? The Possible Culprit – Vendor Setup in Dynamics GP
Generating EFT Payments from within Dynamics GP is a quick and easy process. However, if not configured correctly, your EFT batch may be empty and you may be left shaking your head trying to figure out why. The Vendor card may be the reason your EFT batch is empty if your Checkbook in Dynamics GP is configured for EFT Payments. In this article we will troubleshoot some possible issues causing the EFT Payables Batch to come up empty in Dynamics GP. Here are the steps to setup a Vendor for EFT payments: Navigate to the Vendor card (Purchasing >> Cards >> Vendor Select the Vendor ID Click on Address and press Clear to enter in a new Address ID Enter a new Address ID (for all vendors that will be paid electronically such as “EFT” use an Address ID) Enter the Country Code, then select EFT Bank On the Vendor EFT Bank […]
You down with SOP? Yeah you know me!
Are you a Dynamics GP user feeling the constraints of the GP SOP interface? Do you crave more flexibility within the system? Would you like to pay less than the full core GP user? Many of our client have expressed the same. In this blog, I will introduce SalesPad as a preferred Dynamics GP add-in, review who the ideal candidate is and discuss the benefits of their software. Who is SalesPad? Founded in 2003, SalesPad is not your average technology vendor. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, SalesPad has created a state-of-the-art “skin” that enhances the operational modules within Dynamics GP that helps recognize opportunities for greater profitability. Who is the ideal SalesPad Desktop candidate? A company that SELLS stuff. It’s that simple. If you are in the distribution and manufacturing industry SalesPad Desktop can be there for you as your operational ERP. Leave Dynamics GP for the accountants. SalesPad will […]
How to Set-Up Human Resources Accruals in Dynamics GP
Are you utilizing Payroll and Human Resources through Microsoft Dynamics GP?  Are you still using Payroll Vacation/Sick time for recording available hours?  It is time to get away from this functionality and use Human Resources to its fullest capabilities. First, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP Button | Tools | Setup | Human Resources | Attendance | Setup Choose Accrue Type of Human Resources.  This will enable the options below.  If you select to Allow entry of attendance type and reason in Payroll, a window will open in the Payroll Transaction Entry when entering a Pay Code related to Vacation/Sick/Holiday/etc. and prompt you to enter a Reason and Type. Next, set the Current Year and Last Day Accrued.  If you are using the Payroll Accrue option currently, enter the date of the last time the accrual process ran.  If you are just starting out with accruals it is best to enter […]
Dynamics GP: Top 3 SmartLists You Should Create to Monitor Your Chart of Accounts
SmartList is one of my favorite tools in Dynamics GP. It is easy to use and very powerful. Best of all, it exports to Excel beautifully with just a click of a button. SmartList is great for any Ad-Hoc reporting and data analysis. Dynamics GP already organizes the different Smartlists in each of the module folders and sub-folders. This makes it even easier to use. You can also customize a Smartlist and save it as your favorite or reminder. Today, I’m going to show you how to make three very useful Smartlists in the Financial Module to help monitor your Chart of Accounts. Balance Sheet Account with the Wrong Posting Type This SmartList will help you catch any Balance Sheet account with Profit and Loss as the posting type. Before you run your year-end close process, make sure you check this Smartlist and fix any mistakes you might find. Better […]
Mekorma Update Procedures
On behalf of Mekorma: Mekorma has found that the latest Microsoft Windows .Net 4.7 Framework Update is causing an issue with the Mekorma MICR Software functionality. Even if you are not currently experiencing these issues, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your software now to avoid the issue before it occurs. The two common behaviors you may encounter exhibiting this problem include: Security warning stating users are not authorized to print out of checkbooks. Warning: Unhandled object exception: The parameter is incorrect. Note: Not all Windows programs lists that have these KB's installed name the .Net 4.7 Framework. Regardless, if any of the following KB's are installed, the guidelines below for upgrading due to .Net 4.7 incompatibility would still apply: KB3186497 KB3186505 KB3186539 KB3186568 The current builds on Mekorma’s website resolve these issues and support Windows 10 and .NET Framework 4.7. Please go to the download page and install the build of Mekorma that […]
Understanding the Received/Not Invoiced (RNI) Report in Dynamics GP
(Purchasing | Reports |Analysis |Received/Not Invoiced) The Received/Not Invoiced Report (RNI) was created to allow Microsoft Dynamics GP users to reconcile their sub-ledger receipts to the Purchase Accrual Account. It provides a detailed list of all the open receipts pending to be invoiced. Reconciling the Purchase Accrual Account is always challenging.  Normally, users do not even realize that Dynamics GP has a report to help reconcile the account.    There are a few reasons for this report to have discrepancies.  First, remember that the Purchase Accrual Account is a control account. These types of accounts are tied to a sub-ledger and should not have journal entries entered directly to them. Normally, an off balance sub-ledger is the result of creating journal entries directly to a control account. The second issue with this report are receipts that have not been matched to an invoice and the invoice has been paid directly […]
Best Practices for Handling Purchase Orders Closed by Mistake in Dynamics GP
Why can’t I match my receipt to the invoice in Purchasing? When I get asked this question, the first place I tell the user to check is the Edit Purchase Orders window under Purchasing | Transactions | Edit Purchase Orders.  What does the Purchase Order Status field say?  99% of the time it will have a ‘Closed’ status.  You cannot match an invoice to a closed Purchase Order in GP.  You’ll need to check with your team to determine why the PO was closed in the first place. Can the Purchase Order be Reopened?    Now, is there a way to fix it or simply reopen the Purchase Order?  There are a few ways to handle this situation, but the simple answer is no.  The Purchase Order cannot be reopened within GP from an end-user standpoint.   Here are three options to choose from to resolve this issue: Enter the […]
Dynamics GP Deployment in Multinational Environment
Company A is becoming a multinational corporation and has made acquisitions to expand operations at various locations across the world. Can a Dynamics GP solution be deployed so the environment only has a single set of databases? Yes, indeed. Multiple Dynamics GP clients of different languages can be installed and connected to the same database backend in a single environment. Should a company be operating in multiple areas in the world, localization is available for the Dynamics GP client. Some localizations may have additional features and functionality available that are geared towards its specific area. For a list of available modules and countries, click here. In general, a deployment of multiple Dynamics GP client localizations requires install and configuration of the primary location first, and then the secondary. Summarized steps are as follows: Install Primary localization of Dynamics GP Client. Run GP Utilities. Launch GP and log in SA for […]
Dynamics GP License Types That You Probably Didn’t Know About
When purchasing Dynamics GP, many companies are not aware that there are actually three different types of Dynamics GP licenses at three different price points. Full User License The first license I would like to discuss is the Full User license. This license provides you with the most functionality within Dynamics GP. With a Full User license, you will have unrestricted access to Dynamics GP with full read and write capabilities across your system. This is the most common type of license within a company, as well as, the most expensive at $3000 per user. Limited User License The second license is the Limited User license. Like the name states, the user will have limited access to the functionality within GP. This license is usually reserved for users who have to perform certain tasks within GP, such as sales, purchasing, or payroll tasks, but do not need the full functionality. […]
Management Reporter Replacement: Moving to Next-Gen Reporting
Microsoft recently announced the end of future development for the Management Reporter tool in Dynamics GP. While you’ll still be able to use MR and receive basic support—it’s not recommended to stay with a solution that is no longer going to be updated or enhanced. The good news is that you can switch to a next-gen solution like Solver BI360, and actually gain enhanced capabilities and intelligence beyond MR’s financial reporting. Watch this video to get a better look at BI360’s powerful reporting module and how it’s the perfect replacement to Management Reporter.  
Say Goodbye to Applying Credit Memos at Month-End
Applying credit memos or returns to sales invoices at month end can cause duplicate efforts.  If a user forgets to apply the credit memo, an invoice will populate on the aging report even though the true balance is $0.  In addition, applying credit memos or returns is an extra step that is sometimes unnecessary.    To reduce efforts, users can apply a credit memo, return, or overpayment at the same time a user enters a cash receipt. To do so, enter the cash receipt details by going to Sales >> Transactions >> Cash Receipts. After you enter the cash receipt details (such as customer, date, payment type and amount), select “Apply” to open the Apply Sales Documents window. From this window, mark the invoice to which you wish to apply this cash receipt.  Now, don’t hit OK yet as tempting as it is! Look at the details of your applied […]
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